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Bullys Wit Fullys f The Game

  • About Me

    [Guce] Yeah Bullys wit fullys, this what we do Guce, Tay, we back now The Game [Verse 1: Guce] See I`m back in the building like I`m crack in the building In projects with straps with my back to the building T-Fast keep yo head up we pushin` a line Ou...

Serrated Skull

  • Elusive Darkness

    We come out at night from beneath the graves We steal your children and make them slaves Try to stop us, we`ll take your lives We are the night dwellers to make sure you die Watch us now as we take control We force your children ...

Tray Deee

  • Droppin Bombz

    featuring So. Sentrelle

    Well I decided to call this one droppin` bombz
    According to the procedure and the mic in my palm
    But stay calm the bombs that I drop are kept
    Til I step up the steps ...

Unforgiven f Wish Bone

  • Somebody`s Gonna Die Tonight

    [Chorus] Somebody say yeah (yeah) Somebody`s gonna die tonight, gonna die tonight Say yeah (yeah) Somebody`s gonna die tonight, gonna die tonight [Wish Bone] If it`s like that, fuck that give `em what they want Let `em feel that, pap pap, throw him ...

Sesame Street

  • 14 Carrot Love

    Polly Darton by a country fence, looking over 13 carrots, laid out in a row) Polly Darton: Oh, hi there. My name is Polly Darton, and I`d like to sing a song for you, but I can`t.

Amanda Wadsworth

  • What Is Love

    I told you I didn`t love you Now I don`t know if that`s true I`m scared to throw away our history I want to try to make it last I`m just scared to be without you I don`t want to forget our past I don`t want to give up We`ve gone t...


  • Call Me

    You and me, second grade Livin` on the same street Hangin` out, every day Like a brother to me I hope you still feel like We`re meant to be Friends for life If anyone brings you down Don`t you Feel like there`s no one ar...

marshall tucker band

  • Am I The Kind Of Man

    Am I the kind of man, that lives by his heart
    Who believes in God Almighty, not fearing the devil or the dark
    Always there when you need me to be
    Hold your hand, say I love you in those hours of need
    Wish you could close ...

Boo and Gotti f Lil Wayne

  • Ain`t it Man

    [Intro : Lil Wayne & Boo] Ain`t I? Ain`t it man? (get it right, uh take a ride wit me) (this how I slang in my block Nine City) Ain`t I? (yea) Ain`t it man? [Verse 1 : Boo] + (Lil Wayne in background) My block hot, ain`t it man? (Ain`t it man?) It`s h...

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