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Officer Negative

  • Pressure

    You joke and laugh And put me down Spit and cuss me With a frown Mocking things Behind my back Do we really need all that Hating me for my belief Is that the way ils suppose to be Where you talk of unity Jesus Christ will set you free The pressure is ...

Mega City Four

  • Stop

    Mega City Four Stop The further away I get The sharper are the lines You need some distance To help you redefine The harder I look at you The less you dissapoint I realize no one`s to blame Stop and listen You might hear something...

Snow Tom

  • We`ll Never Say Goodbye

    We share the days of laughter, we share the nights of sorrow, and in the morning after we face a bright tomorrow. Side by side we`ll always stand, spirits flying high. Long as I can hold your hand, WE`LL NEVER SAY GOODBYE.

Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs

  • I`m Wishing

    I`m wishing for the one I love To find me today I`m hoping And I`m dreaming of The nice things he`ll say (Repeat)


Die Krupps

  • (a New) Society Treaty

    each of you must distinguish for himself between the scenes of cold reality and those of pure illusion the conscious thought the subconscious mind finds society over the line tongues are silent when there is danger eyes are blind ...

Кричевский Гарик

  • Cтатуя свободы

    В моем дворе жила красивая девчонка,

    Она играла на рояле, пела джаз.

    Смеялась очень заразительно и звонко,

    И целовался в том дворе я с ней не раз.


    Любовь прошла,...


  • Here Goes a Fool

    (Chorus) Here I go a silly little fool, oooo. Here goes a fool, Wanting you back again, Here goes a fool Whenever I pretend, dear.

Clowns Und Helden

  • Die Wahrheit

    tiehrhaW eid sla sthcin dnu negas uz tiehrhaW eid eis neröwhcS ! eröwhcs hcI So oft hab` ich schon gelacht und hab` den Witz den Witz nicht verstanden so oft hab` ich schon geträumt und wollte nie nie mehr aufwac...


  • A Song About You

    The first time I saw you I didn`t think you were special But now I`ve realized That you`re the one I want to grow old with I want to take you out I want to do everything right I`ll take to your favourite shop I`ll even let you use my favourite coffee c...

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