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Sans Pression

  • Derriиre Mon Sourire

    360є de rйalitй La face cachйe de la sociйtй de SP [Chorus] Les rues sont animйes, pis c’est pas du tout chill Je cache ma colиre derriиre mon sourire Sйrieux! j`parle peu mais mon regard parle fort Vision fuckйe par tout se qui se passe dehors Les ru...

DJ Honda f Mos Def

  • 2000 *

    * currently avail. only as an import title The foundation of love, is tenderness The foundation of love, is sincerity The foundation of love, is tenderness The foundation of love Beautiful bright eyed girl Darling let me hold you close Shine just lik...

Mr. Cheeks f Floetry

  • Supposed To

    New York City Whats Going On What you been up too Yeah I know Bunch a niggaz nunning around with throw-backs and fitteds on Niggaz know who started the game man You know once niggaz start doin you You got to do something else Ya know what I`m saying Do...

Snoop Doggy Dogg f Charlie Wilson, Val Y

  • Gridlock`d Soundtrack

    [Snoop] Um, um, um (Ha, ha, ha) It`s goin` down (Ha, ha, ha) [All] Ooooh, it`s always It`s off the hook baby (Yeaaah) (It`s off the hook), ow! (Yeah, it`s goin` down, it`s a party y`all) (OW!) It`s off the hook (Yeah, it`s goin` down, it`s a party) WO...

Diamond f Busta Rhymes

  • Hatred, Passions and Infidelity

    [Chorus 2X: Busta Rhymes] Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one.. ha hah, word up.. [Diamond] Now..


  • Синий платочек

    Синенький скромный платочек Падал с опущенных плеч Ты говорила, что не забудешь Ласковых, радостных встреч Порой ночной Мы распрощались с тобой Нет больше ночек Где ты, платочек Милый, желанный, родной Помню, как в памятный вечер Падал платочек твой с...

Music Instructer

  • Hymn

    Give us this day all that you showed me,
    The power and the glory `til thy kingdom come.
    Give me all the story book told me,
    The faith and the glory `til thy kingdom comes.


Dream f Kain, P. Diddy

  • This is Me (Remix)

    [P. Diddy] uh yeah, come on, Bad Boy, baby This - is - the - re - mix, eh heh heh you know how we do DREAM- Melissa, Diana, Ashley, Holly Let`s go baby, come on [Dream] Oh boy, I`m not the one who broke your heart before And I don`t wanna make you hur...

Sisqo f The Associates

  • Off the Corner

    [Sisqo] Uhh, all eyes over here We about to show ya ohh, you know Ballers down the hilllll [The Butch] Yeah, yeah, yeah, uhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Aiyyo my men-tal is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the ...

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