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Ice-T f Hen-Gee

  • Dear Homie

    [Hen-Gee] Dear Homie, whats the hap, since your up in the sky? With God by your side Homie what`s it like? I know your bein` treated right No more worries Plus you`re bein heard G I guess you know niggaz is still trippin I don`t know why, they see...

Six Feet Deep

  • Broken Tree

    maybe the limbs of a broken tree will heal themselves in time or maybe the limbs from that broken tree will petrify...... hard as stone.

Martindale Wink

  • Deck Of Cards

    Wink Martindale NARRATIVE: During the North African campaign, a bunch of soldier boys had been on a long hike and they arrived in a little town called Casino. The next morning being Sunday, several of the boys went to Church.

Chris Foster

  • Cayo Hueso

    CAYO HUESO Words and Music Chris Foster January 29, 2003 The dreamland of the world is on an island The Indians were the first to stake their claim The Spaniards came along And found a lot of bones And discovered it alr...

Demons and Wizards

  • Blood On My Hands

    And as I bear my inner soul I`ve kept it hidden and safe Fulfill the god`s desire To hold their waning flame A sacred life And what have started long ago Is heading towards the end There`s no easy way out There`s blood on my hand...

Martine McCutcheon

  • Cried So Many Nights

    ooh ooh
    oh yeah
    I was dreaming I
    was crying out
    was calling out your name
    you said you needed me
    but nothing stays the same
    you say that love was gone
    you`re moving on
    so why can`t I believe<...

Ancient`s Rebirth

  • Damnated Hell`s Arrival

    Let loose they Satanic forces From the fiery dominions of hell Let flames and thunder roar Let lightning strike from the midnight skies Gather thy servants of darkness Until all the forces of evil Since ages ago we`ve been waiting...


  • Cenerentola (cinderella)

    As the day now comes to the ending and the neon lights up the city There`s a girl who`s tired of waiting; When it`s time I`m sure she`ll be ready And you know where she`ll go she`s the star of the night show.

Martinez Idelle

  • A Smile In Your Heart

    I had a feeling That you`re holding my heart And I know that it is true You wouldn`t let it be broken apart `Coz it`s much too dear to you Forever we`ll be together No one could break us apart For our love will truly be A wonderfu...

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