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Devin the Dude

  • Anythang

    Anythang is plenty man and is better than an nothin at all Anythang is plenty man Anythang is plenty man and is better than an nothin at all Anythang is plenty man You ain`t the only one who got problems You ain`t the only one who knows pain Get up of...


  • Oye mi canto

    If You proud to be Latino Right Now Stand The **** Up!!! SBK...(SBK) Alive...(Alive We Comin` Up!) Nina Sky...(Whos This?) N.O.R.E, Da-ddy Yan-kee Gem Star...(Gem Star) Big Mato..(Big Mato) C`mon,..C`mon Whoa...Whoa...Whoa...Whoa What U Say? ...

Syleena Johnson f Mos Def

  • Hit on Me (Remix)

    [Mos Def] It`s me and you, tribulations and trials Situations is wild Love, drama, stress Love, drama, stress Love, drama, stress The Voice [Syleena Johnson] Just because I`m in love with you Doesn`t mean I`m gon` lose my life for you I wanna be free ...

Александр Софронов, Шухрат Хусаинов

  • Баллада о рыцаре

    Стихи Шухрата Хусаинова

    Музыка Александра Софронова

    Hm F#m

    На ветру огнем горя,

    Em Hm

    Провожала рыцаря


Dilated Peoples f Tha Alkaholiks

  • Right On

    [J-Ro] Back in the days, my pops said Right on (Right on, right on) All the street poets in the house, write on (Write on, write on) Black people, right on, right one (Right on, right on) All my niggas rollin Chevy`s on deep-dish chrome, ride on ride o...


  • Young And Innocent

    There`s an echo in the wind. Makes me wonder where I`ve been. All the years I`ve left behind Faded pictures in my mind. My barman`s mandolin Dancing in the air. Here we are without a care. Now it`s hard for me to see.

Gavin Friday and The Man Seezer

  • A Thousand Years

    A sweet kiss said forget me not
    when love spoke I knew no wrong
    but that was once upon a dream come true
    a long time ago
    baby`s sick
    baby`s cold
    baby`s feeling blue
    for what seems like a thousand years

Mia X

  • Ain`t 2 Be Played Wit

    [Mia X (1)] What, what, what, what, what, what, what Huh nigga, huh nigga what, huh nigga what what what what Huh nigga what, what huh nigga what [Verse 1] The crime started off, bloody It`s about pistol whippins and kickins Mama dishin` and blitzin` ...

Bachman Turner Overdrive

  • Down Down

    When the mornin` comes You`ll know by my shoes I`ve been out walking If I don`t return You`ll know I`ve found something to believe in, to believe in Waiting for the sun My heart will surely break if it starts raining It`s the oasis I seek `Cause the...

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