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Peanut Butter Wolf

  • Hold Up

    featuring Rasco

    Verse 1:
    Yo check
    I capital punish brothers that fronted
    Can only write rhymes any time they get blunted
    We be at the spot chillin
    While you`re stealin
    Niggas is still walk...

Bitch Alert

  • Bikini

    I can’t fit in
    Fit in my summer dress
    Go out in bikini
    Make me a sandwich

    I’ll remove all the cheese
    Because I can’t fit in
    Fit in my summer dress
    Go out in bikini

    I can...

Goodie Mob f Witchdoctor

  • Greeny Green

    Intro: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are listening to the rulers of the spirit world (Really, Really, Really) Yeah, Yeah, that means poetry deep in this team Y`all done stepped on we, the green green Yeah, Y`all done stepped on we, the green green Yeah, Ye...

Missy Higgins

  • Stuff & Nonsense

    Disobey my own decisions
    I deserve all your suspicions
    First it`s yes and then it`s no
    I dilly dally down to you, oh
    But I`ve got no secrets that I battle in my sleep
    I won`t make promises to you that I can`t k...

Андрей Земсков

  • Автопилот

    Андрей Земсков

    Борису Гребенщикову

    Обнеси небосвод чашей полной луны,

    Каждой новой звезде дай отпить по глотку.

    Тянет Автопилот паутинку струны, -


equipe 84

  • io holn mente te | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    by Maurizio Codogno (mau@beatles.cselt.stet.it) {title: Io ho in mente te} {subtitle: Equipe `84} Apro gli occhi e ti [G]penso [C]ed ho in [D]mente [G]te[C][D] [C]ed ho in [Bm]mente [Am7]te[D7] Io cammino per le [G]strade [C]ma ho in [D]mente [G]te[C]...

Guerilla Maab f Raw-D

  • Grind Fulltime

    [Hook: Trae & (Dougie D) - 2x] We grind full time (now what it do) All day and all night (now what it do) (Because we, cock glocks and make a nigga slide out) (And then we ride out, niggas be on a hide out) [Trae] 24/7 I be on the grind, all around th...

Kingston Wall

  • And I Hear You Call

    I must be out of my mind as I hear you call My name even though I can`t see you anywhere Surely this feeling is coming from something Someone gave me yesterday as I searched for you I must be dreaming a dream of a lunatic My fing...

Mariana Seoane

  • No Vuelvo Contigo

    Uhhh…. Ahhh…


    Puede ser, que sea tan solo una ilusiуn
    Puede ser, que lo has pensado igual que yo
    O tal vez.

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