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  • Perso Fra I Numeri

    Quasi cantando chiamavano da una stanza gli uomini in grigio pensavano fossi pronto niente da fare! io non so neanche che giorno и e mi son perso, perso fra i numeri questo non fa per me quanto coraggio per dire che sto sbagliando io non ho tempo per f...


  • Bottle of Humans

    (Chorus) I`ve been so many places In my life and time Yes, I`ve sung a lot of songs I`ve made some bad rhymes Top of the world Yet I aint never left my head to turn and look back Every second page is anthem Perfected writ mood In the perfect world I s...

Ciara Missy Elliott

  • 1,2 step

    Ladies And Gentlemen, Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is A Jazze Phizal (Jazze Phizal) Productshizzle, Missy (Missy), The Princess Is Here, (She`s Here) Ciara, This Be It Automatic Supersonic Hypnotic Funky Fresh, Work My Body So Melodic, This Beat Flows R...

Jennifer Chase

  • Good Time

    Good Time I`ve learned it`s so much easier To roll over and take it Like a woman To pretend it`s fun and games Do my best to have a good time I`ve seen it`s so much better To pretend I really want it Like I need it And act like ...

Montell Jordan

  • 4 You

    Feat. schappell crawford & fullfillment choir 1 - godll do anything for you He can deliver you If you want him to Godll do anything for you He gave his son to you He gave his life for you You may be wondering Why w...

Binary Star f Brenda J

  • The Evolution of Man

    Intro: In the beginning man was created. Image perfection. And although he was perfect, still something was missing. He was incomplete, unwhole. Then woman was born.

Counting crows

  • 40 Years

    I was born in the jungle With the sickening smell of cinnamon in the air I was born in a white hole and I cant believe the colors here They stalk on a circle Ive never been blessed with elephants memory Im riding a red line n...


  • Shades Of Gray

    [Lyrics by J.] [Music by Elenium] Shades of Gray are your another existence, Times they combine here in your little world. Slowly the essence of you pines away.

Craig David

  • 2 Steps

    You know im the kind of guy that does a 9-5 Workin real hard cuz its the way I live my life Back home just me and you girl all alone With no one interrupting, switch off the phone But I could be that other guy Who comes home la...

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