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Amil and Sole

  • First One Hit

    Sole- Here it come, be da eye of the storm Never saw me comin`, but I made sure you was warned In a blaze, I run, gun high, soundin` da horn See my neighbors runnin`, saw my negative form When I see you trying to give me, what I n...


  • 4 Da Fam

    Featuring beanie sigel, jay-z & memphis bleek [memphis bleek] Yeah yeah (uh uh) Memph man, my nigga tah phife This ones for the family (whats up? ) Understand me, yeah (uh-huh) We gonna do it right For all these bitch...

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

  • A Day In The Life

    I read the news today oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well I just had to laugh I saw the photograph.

Seven Nations

  • Big Dog

    Big Dog (Words and music by Kirk McLeod, arranged by Seven Nations) Maybe we`re the ones to blame And maybe we`re the ones who are insane Well I stole a line for God When I said set this house on fire Get me out of here Be...

John Lennon

  • #9 Dream

    So long ago
    Was it in a dream? Was it just a dream?
    I know, yes I know
    It seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me

    Took a walk down the street
    Thru the heat whispered trees
    I thought I could hear (h...

Владимир Златоустовский

  • От героев былых времен (песня из фильма

    От героев былых времен Не осталось порой имен Те кто приняли смертный бой Стали просто землей травой Только грозная доблесть их Поселилась в сердцах живых Этот вечный огонь Нам завещано одним Мы в груди храним Погляди на моих ...


  • All In All I Know

    When I asked myself the other day I came to realise I`m not ok I`ve burned my fingers bad before I`ve seen myself through worse I`m sure But just the same I`m really not ok Oh how I wish that I could sleep I try but won`t just si...


  • As The Silence Fades

    (c) Eterne 1993 Each morn I sit and watch the waters, as your waves drift gently inwards. The gentle breeze that brings your smile will caress my wayward spirit. I hear your voice as you drift away on an everlasting tide.


  • Niji

    toki wa kanadete omoi wa afureru togiresouna hodo toumei-na koe ni arukidashita sono hitomi-e hateshinai mirai ga tsuzuiteru hontou wa totemo kokoro wa moroku daremo ga hibiwarete-iru furidashita ame ni nurete kimi wa mata tachido...

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