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Ten Years After

  • A Sad Song

    The love that you gave me has gone with the rain The joy that just filled me has turned into pain My face in the mirror reminds me of you Its the one that you lied to when you said youd be true The tears in my eyes are a...

Peter Orloff

  • Baby Dadamda

    La la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la la Love me Baby Love me Baby Dadamda Kiss me Baby kiss me Baby Dadamda deine Beine meine kleine Dadamda machen...


  • Мужчины-витамины

    Весь день ноет тело Видно заболела И как говорится Надо бы подлечиться Чем платить монетки И глотать таблетки Средство от болезней Знаю поинтересней Я приглашу тебя вновь От всех недугов лечит любовь Есть мужчины-витамины, вирусы и токсины Много в жи...


  • Artistic butchery

    Carving into the body - Bound in shackles
    Blood and guts are spilt - Face is mutilated
    Organs consumed - Total overthrow
    Control in my grasp - Deranged mentality
    Ruler of sin - I leave no trace
    Lanced corpse lies si...

Death Threat

  • Ilibing Ng Buhay

    Huhuhu wala nang mga conio, wala nang mga nakatuck-in...

    O. Dogg:
    Ilibing sa lupa ang mga sosyal
    eto na ang supulturero at hindi na magtatagal
    mga naka-GIORDANO pantalon ay GIRBAUD
    kaysarap pukpukin ng mikrop...


  • Don`t Change

    Lately you`ve been, questioning if i still see you the same way cuz through these tryin years weve, more then both physically changed Dont you know youll always be the most beautiful woman i kno so let me reassure you darlin...

Queen Pen

  • All My Love

    featuring Eric Williams

    I`m taking you back
    I`m taking you back
    Here`s another one

    [Queen Pen]
    Uh yeah
    I remember being on that nigga`s chair hard
    Back in the day in the projects <...

Sisters Of Mercy, The

  • A Rock And A Hard Place

    And she came to look for me
    Sold me name and innocence
    Took my key
    And told me to follow her
    Down from igor with her bangles and her reference
    One from the church from the valley of the
    Well she wanted a haven...

Vendetta Red

  • Caught You Like A Cold

    Hey I am sure to fall this time around and I could look you in the eye but you never show your face something sticky in your ears turned to logic and what you reiterate is meaningless to me Save yourself because your dying slo...

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