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  • Danjer

    Intro: Wake your punk ass up (what time is it?) Louieville: Tired as fuck just woke up what`s goin` on? Gun Clapper 3 yelling sound thee alarm This ain`t no drill move your fuckin` ass cause they here Pass the mask tear gas is tossed in the air We`re ...

The Rocky Horror Show

  • Damn It Janet

    (Brad): Hey Janet (Janet): Yes Brad (Brad): Ive got something to say (Janet): Yes (Brad): I really love the skilful way You beat the other girls to the brides bouquet The river was deep but I swam it -Janet The future is ours ...


  • Meet You There

    Now you`re gone I wonder why You left me here I think about it on again I know you`re never coming back I hope that you can hear me I`m waiting To hear from you Until I do You`re gone away I`m left alone A part of me is gone and...


  • Breakaway

    Another birthday passed me by I think I finally see It`s time to move out and move on To bigger and better things All the stars shine so bright Maybe I should pack my things and fly into the sky I just gotta breakaway I just wan...

Meliah Rage

  • Decline Of Rule

    The iron curtain Across the northern sea A nation`s deviation From all honesty Deception lingers In malevolent minds Defiant races They shall survive Stalinism Control through fear Dictorial methods Brought blood and tears Rebel ...

The Rolling Stones


    I can`t get no satisfaction, I can`t get no satisfaction. `Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can`t get no, I can`t get no.

Kristoffer Еstrцm

  • Just Another Lovesong

    I was still watching
    when you fell asleep
    when you laid your head on my arm
    but I was still sleeping
    when you walked away
    when you closed the door to move on

    And I decided to
    search the wor...

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