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Ольга Залесская

  • А время движется к весне...

    Ольга Залесская

    А время движется к весне,

    В овраге вянет серый снег,

    Но все еще пока утрами

    Я замерзаю в белизне...

    А время движется к весне...

Gamma Ray

  • (we Won`t) Stop The War

    Music & lyrics: Hansen, Wessel So now we talk about destruction `bout the way that we might go I`ve seen the headlines in the papers, The truth is more thatn we should know.


  • A Frame Of Mind

    As the man I am, I dislike
    More purities and feelings send
    Into the extacy I hate
    Nobody controls me
    Maybe it`s because nobody wants to

    They watch the terror
    In a maze full of gray we shall...


  • A5 (Allen Iverson Commercial)

    yo yo check em out|it`s the new A5s you got to rock em they even put a zone in the league to try to stop him hes the answer and the problem you don`t want it with the that boy go the hole and take punishment the young boss of the ...

Kenny Chesney

  • A Chance

    Girl, don`t you know it`s all I can do
    To keep my hands off of you
    Anytime you`re around
    And when the stars come out at night
    I dream of holdin` you tight
    Everytime I lay down
    It feels so good to me to have yo...

Men Without Hats

  • 21st Century Safety Dance

    Pseudo Instrumental You could dance if you want to In various voices and repetitions: safety dance 21st century It`s one small step for And one giant leap for Take...


  • Adore

    Baby, yes Until the end of time
    I`ll be there 4 U
    U own my heart and mind
    I truly adore U If God one day struck me blind
    Your beauty I`d still see (Your beauty I`d still see)
    Love`s 2 weak 2 define
    Just what U...


  • Ball & Chain

    I just wanna be your ball and chain Wrapped around your finger Locked up, tied me down Follow you forever Never let you get away, Holding on like a ball and chain I never wanted to stay In one place too long Oh no, not me, I didn`t wanna be A victim o...

Dr. Dre f King Tee

  • Str-8 Gone

    Haa Woo Dedicated to the up city Straight West Coast nigga, ain`t no pity Put holes in niggas, real pretty Real shitty like a black Frank Nitty I give drugs to the thugs price-free Handed down the game by that nigga Ice-T No doubt players like me reco...

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