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Romero Jomay

  • Evergreen

    Hmmmm..... Love soft as an easy chair Love fresh as the morning air One love that is share by two Seldom seen by you You and I will make each night our first Everyday a beginning Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearse...

Das Gesindel

  • Anti A Song

    Anti A.B. Song Hey Gesindel passt gut auf Kennt ihr noch die Eine FAT ist der Arsch Und kurz sind die Beine Oma Fummel hier Capri Hose da Das ist die Annekatrin B.

Ron Isley

  • Contagious

    (Ron Isley - verse 1) It`s 2 a.m. just getting in about to check my message no one has called but my homies and some bill collectors cellular rings somebody wants to borrow money I 2-way her she don`t hit me back something is f...

Allman Brors

  • Done Somebody Wrong

    (Elmore James) The barrel-house told me My baby caught that train `n gone The barrel-house told me My baby caught that train `n gone It was all my fault I musta did somebody wrong Everything that happens You know I am to b...

Das Ich

  • Aura

    Oberall ist Bitterkeit Farbenfroh ein Schicksalsschlag Rasch bohren Nogel Aus denen das Verlangen schreit Tausend haben Paradiese Ich hab uber tausend Ohren Trauernd Opfer treten suchtig Ober unsren Massenwahn Verblasste Traumla...

John Berry

  • A Mind Of Her Own

    She`s wild and she`s free That`s what I like most about her She`s all that I need And I know I can`t live without her To be by her side I`d walk any line I`m bound and determined She`s gonna be mine but She`s got a mind of her ow...

Ron Stewart

  • Don`t walk away

    Don`t walk away By Ron Stewart I`ll light you cigarettes I`ll pull out your chair If you ever need anything baby You know I;ll be there I;ll shower you in perfumes Jewelry by cartier I`ll do anything you wa...


  • Ангел под дождём

    Где ты теперь Сердце не скажет. Вещий сон Тебя не покажет Где ты теперь Белая птица за окном Крыльями машет Ангел под дождем О тебе я знаю точно - англе хочет мне сказать Как ты живешь Ангел под дождем Я могла его услышать, я могла его понять Если б н...

Allman Brothers Band

  • Ain`t Wastin` Time No More

    (Gregg Allman) Last Sunday morning The sunshine felt like rain Week before They all seemed the same With the help of God and true friends I come to realize I still had two strong legs And even wings to fly And oh I, ain`t wastin t...

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