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China Crisis

  • A Days Work for The Dayos Done

    Caution are a family man Attending to business His best he can Mrs. missadventurer say Check for one million in the post today In like a dream come true Only ourselves to please We then can hold on to These precious things...

Jungle Rot

  • Afterlife

    Suffer through your death
    Because of the life you lead
    Pain will be intense
    You will never rest
    Seas of fire and blood
    See the millions dead below
    Life torn from the flesh
    Carcass just remains

Balavoine Daniel

  • Aimer Est Plus Fort Que D`tre Aim

    Paroles et musique: Daniel Balavoine 1985 Socit des Nouvelles ditions Eddie Barclay 1 Toi qui sais ce qu`est un rempart Tu avances sous les regards courroucs Tu cris, mais sur le buvard Tous les mots se sont inverss 2 Si tu parle...

Marleys Ghost

  • (your Love Is Like The) Mountain Water

    Darlin`, I don`t want to rope and brand you. And I don`t want to stake a claim. And I don`t want to fence you in. Darlin`, I just want to drink from your stream.

Billy Squier

  • (ANOTHER) 1984

    From over the air comes a voice without care Says we`re doin` all right But day out and day in from what he`s been sayin` We`re in for a fight I glance at myself and the world rushin` by I can see for myself and the fear comes ali...

Deep Forest & Peter Gabriel

  • While The Earth Sleeps

    Dali znaesh mila majko
    Shto sum ne srekjna?
    Cel den doma sama sedam
    Nadvor ne smejam

    Do you know dear mother
    How unhappy I am?
    All day I sit at home alone
    I`m not allowed outside

Hen-Gee and Evil-E

  • Lil Trig

    Behind the wheel, other foot`s on the pedal Bang, bang, earned another neighborhood medal Hit the pedal, it sounded like this Another one down on his death list Stayed pissed tight fist, when one even glanced Tech-9 slid in front of his pants At a danc...


  • Draw

    Once again he`s got the feeling. But his dreams are always drained by the ceiling. He keep on seeing this reflection and all he wants to do is to follow its direction. Nowadays he watches the sunrise.

Bali Hawaiians

  • Jungle Drums

    Beat after beat hums through tropical heat. Echoes repeat plaintive beat after beat drenching rain falls but as long as love calls all the world can`t keep us apart. With those drums in my heart. Throbbing on throbbing on.

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