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  • yamother

    ------4-----5----5-5-6-6-6-4-5-7-8-7---9-87----3-45-8-6-465------5--7-4--3--3--5-8-9-5---4-8----2-87-8565735-75---6-7-5---7-4----6--86------65-----8---8----- --3-4-5-7--------------86---------4---6-----8-----6----7-- ----5----6----1----2----3----65----...


  • who cares

    Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 22:48:52 -0500 From: rick ilgenfritz Subject: Who Cares?.tab by Omnibus Hey, This is a new song by the band Omnibus from Orlando,FL called Who Cares?. It sorta has a Nirvana feel to it.

Richard X Kelis

  • Finest dreams

    Oh baby, you`re the finest, the finest, I`ve seen Oh baby, you`re the finest, the finest, I`ve seen Oh baby, you`re the finest, the finest, I`ve seen Oh baby, you`re the finest, the finest, I`ve seen If I had a choice I`d always choose love Up or down...

one fell swoop

  • two coins

    August 9, 2000 I noticed there wasnt any One Fell Swoop and this is my first tab, so here goes... Intro ---------------------0--0----0---3-------------------------------------------0--0----0-----3--------------------------- ---------------------3--3...


  • Endless Hauntings of Demons and Despair

    Those feelings
    Have returned
    The somber night adorned
    The mistiness, the cold

    Filled with sadness

    Sense of the darkened world
    Seize the same desolations
    The sins of sanctity
    Your self...

one hit wonder

  • tomorrow wendy

    Band : One Hit Wonder Song : Tomorrow Wendy Tabbed By : Paul Comrie-Thomson E-Mail : This is easy!!!!! Either play this.....

Aphrodelics f Masta Ace

  • Chromatic

    Sittin` on Sittin` on Sittin` on [ VERSE 1: Shadee ] The cruise goes on, come along We drop another megaton bomb and it`s on Vienna international song, put it on Kept a low profile for a while like a mystery Rollin On Chrome, remember me, check the hi...

E-40 f The Clipse

  • Quarterbackin

    [E-40] The definition of quarterbackin` *Scratched* the quarterback.. [Verse 1 - Malice] Tell the cops don`t read into it Them days of slangin` yay been finished, them days have been done ended So far gone them days that I`m offended Snitches can`t sp...

The X-ecutioners f Big Punisher, Kool G.

  • Black and White soundtrack

    [Kool G. Rap] No doubt The real drama shit All ya rap niggas pay homage When he raps, spit atomics When verse crash the Earth like a comet Raise a prophet, make hot lava spit out like vomit We Vietnam it, scramble ya brain like an omelette Spling baby...

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