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  • A Kiss To Build A Dream On

    Give me a kiss to build a dream onand my im-ag-i-na-tion will
    thrive up-on that kiss.
    Sweet-heart, I ask no more than this,a kiss to build a dream on.
    Give me a kiss be-fore you leave meand my im-ag-i-na-tion will
    feed ...

Joey Fatone

Joey Kidd

  • Counting The Days

    Things I said were wrong I`ve takin` much too long To say that I, I want you back Always be near, oh that`s a fact I always keep on trying I never try to deny it That I was wrong once before Give me a chance I can`t take t...

Joey MacIntyre

  • I Cried

    Do you remember how wed hold each other tight? It was all I had to get me through the night. Cant believe that you are gone, Everything right it all went wrong. Do you remember how we kissed? You said youd never felt like this.

Joey Mcintyre

  • All I Wanna Do

    (chorus) all I wanna do is be with you tonight Its all I wanna do, girl The feelings right All I wanna do is be with you tonight, baby All I wanna do is you.

Big Pun f Brandy, Fat Joe

  • Endangered Species *

    * originally on Brandy`s Have You Ever 12 [Rodney] Yo I don`t think they`re ready for this one Another Darkchild remix Brandy, RJ, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad Come on [Big Pun] Hear the truth shorty With my fruit punch and my forty Sweeter than ca...


  • Shadows dance all around me

    All alone The feeling`s gone The silent grows Burning sun No place to run Who`ll save me now? Come and hide into my life I need you much tonight Don`t ask me why Stay tonight... Stay tonight...


  • One Sun

    I may seem tall but I know In certain times I walk small I break in pain, I shred apart A chest so weak from searching deep through a dying heart Our yesterday spent in vain Pale drawn faces from this breeds shame I`ll always lov...


  • Blast Furnace

    Soft, pure, perfect inner ignorance. Sweet, calm, peaceful in its lack of alarm. Young, new, so eager to shed it`s thin skin. Prime, ripe, ready to be taken in. Deaf, dumb, blind within your innocence.

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