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Shannon Curfman

  • Few and far between

    Ever since I met you Mama said I should forget you She said you were a waste of my sweet time I wish I would have listened Because now I`m sitting here wishin` I never did believe in your sweet lies You said you were the kin...

Dawn Of Relic

  • Bowels Of Murder

    Moon of Mons Can you hear the screams feeble, weak and asphyxiated Lurid blade keeps grinding bones In the grimy darkness Near the River Hate and the Path of Worry Stream of sadness As the haunted soul Unearth the madness Bowel...

Heavy D f Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, G

  • A Buncha Niggas

    Intro/Chorus: Who`s on the microphone? A BUNCHA NIGGAS! (repeat 3X) I got my crew so other niggas better leave us alone Chorus [Third Eye] The Group Home`s down yo, flippin with West and me Charge a gap quick kid, best believe it G Oh, I like to fl...


  • 1965 (DEMO)

    "1965" is the new demos for the new album in 2003. Here we fucking go 1965 That`s when I was born With my name Gene Ween, yes Well, I was born in...

The Congregation

  • Softly Whispering I Love You

    Softly whispering I love you echoes of your voice are calling still through my dreams softening the chill of the breeze through my window I can see the moonglow painting silver shadows on a rose coloured land a world that we walke...

The Contingency Plan

  • Boundaries

    Do i have your permission to enter something that aint even yours? Can i step foot on the ground where you murdered the people that were there before? Do you really think you can control something that was there before you existan...

Shannon Lawson

  • Are You Happy Now

    (Shannon Lawson/Del Gray) Hello, how are you I just had to hear your voice I know its late But it couldnt wait I know its been a while Since we said goodbye But we both did what we thought we had to do Just to make it through I...

Dawn Robinson

  • Envious

    I had to clear my mind cause theyre envious You know that some things just dont change Started rumors, spread lies about me Tried to decompose my name See, the shady sisters they be watchin me I got shady n****s gettin next to m...

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