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Code Red

  • A Crimson Sky

    (graham/cohen) Phil: If I could talk to you If I could tell you all the things Goin on in my mind If I could hold you near Kiss away your tears I would But Im left here on my own Roger: Said you had to go Said you di...

Keller Williams

  • Chillin

    Why don`t you all just listen
    to what i say
    don`t hafta if you dont wanna
    you can turn away

    it`s just a little something
    a little something from me
    its a penny for my thoughts
    well, i will give it...

Diesel Machine

  • Black Box

    what was it that pushed you out over the edge spiraling unseen forces tearing at you sudden death without a clue on the surface things seem calm beneath the skin something`s wrong pressure building in your head distorting your th...


  • Alexander Beetle

    (A A Milne/Melanie Safka) I had a little beetle So that beetle was his name And I called him Alexander And he answered just the same And I put him in a matchbox And I kept him all the day But nanny let my beetle out Yes nanny let...


  • Man Alive

    Open up the door and let me in Baby it ain`t no sin gonna be your lover No thunder or lightning can stop me now No one can take me down gonna be your Lover lets spend a little time it ain`t no crime it`s loving that matters let me...


  • Hard to beat

    I`ve seen you darling, seen you hanging round town You in a short skirt, shining eyes of deep brown You had a dirty look, you caught me on your hook Turn up the thermostat, I want to see you sweat Oh yeah, girl, you`ve got something I like...


  • Eilinen

    Kone nousee lentддkseen
    Kauas ison meren taa
    Ja mд katson sitд kauempaa
    Kun se vie sinut mukanaan
    Radiossa joku laulaa jotain haikeaa
    Ja mд tunnen kuinka se minulle palan kurkkuun saa
    Mistд tulit mieleeni taas...

O.C. f Big L

  • Dangerous

    [O.C.] Ahh, you don`t stop You don`t stop, you don`t stop O.C.`s on the mic and you don`t stop You don`t stop, you don`t stop Big L is on the other you don`t stop You don`t stop, and you don`t stop Mr.

The Rocking Horse Winner

  • Christmas Day

    A gift of goodwill wrapped with a ribbon of love, forever and ever Christmas day will be the day our love will come together This holiday Two years ago Touched by a rose When two families sing their love will ring, together f...

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