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Rudolf Prack

  • Meine Heimat

    V e r s : Wandern auf den endlos weiten Straßen ich kann`s nicht lassen das allein ist Glück! Meine Freunde Sonne Mond und Sterne die haben`s gerne hör`n sie die Musik: Refrain : Meine Heimat ist die ganze Wel...

Rudolf Rock and Die Schocker

  • Sag` Laura

    Laura und Tommy die liebten sich. Er wollt` ihr alles geben: Blumen Geschenke doch am liebsten einen Edelring. Ein Autorennen war angesagt zehntausend Mark für den Sieger gab`s. Laura war damals nicht zu Haus`.

Rudy Vallee

  • On The Good Ship Lollipop

    On the good ship Lollipop, It`s a sweet trip, To a candy shop, Where bonbons play, On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Rudy Vanwarmer

  • Just When I Needed You Most

    You packed in the morning I stared out the window and I struggled for something to say you left in the rain without closing the door I didn`t stand in your way.

Agnetha Faltskog

  • Are You Gonna Throw It All Away

    (Diane Warren / Albert Hammond) You`ve been lookin` for a reason You`ve been trying to find a way To find an easy way of leavin` `Cause you can`t find a way to stay.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

  • By Chance

    Take this down Turn it around I am water underneath a bridge So? What do I know? Getting here must be a privilege Should say something meaningful If at all Just to fill the air Or, believe I adore you Love you if I dare By chance ...

Ultra Nate

  • Any Ole Love

    I remember those good old days When you first became my baby Made me feel like a little girl You changed my world But something happened along the way You started acting strange and kind of shady Guess you think youve got me...

The Catch

  • 25 Years

    Don`t leave me in the corner `cos I just wanna go home. Don`t lock me in the darkness `cos Ijust wanna go home. Spent my life working on the land trying for something of my own.

The Cats

  • Let`s Dance

    Come and let`s dance all night long I`m gonna tell you that we`ll be having fun; I`m gonna call on the phone. Oh no we`ll be not alone. I`ll ask my friends if they wanna come over.

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