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Яцюк Павел

  • Киллер

    Мы в раннем детстве даже кошек не душили
    И с тараканчиками очень мирно жили
    Да Не убий! под кожу с молоком впитали
    Но Селяви, а все же киллерами стали!
    Стоим в подъезде в ожидании клиента
    Но нет его и мы волнуемс...


  • Levitation

    In the darkness I will shine, cast not shadows, nor define
    I walk on water, float on air, there`s no other to compare
    I have this fascination, no cause for a deviation
    It`s called levitation
    There`s no cause to start and ...

Stone temple pilot

  • Interstate Love Song

    Waiting on a Sunday afternoon
    For what I read between the lines
    Your lies
    Feelin` like a hand in rusted shame
    So do you laugh or does it cry

    Leavin` on a southern train
    Only yesterday...

Tura satana

  • Break

    i`m stuck inside my mind it`s ugly what i find you think that i`m so kind this face has got you blind the little girl will hide so pretty on the outside gonna burn and bleed this hate is killing me i stay awake till three i`m dro...

Uriah Heep

  • A Far Better Way

    Seeing you here All of my fears seem to Drift right away Seeing you smile Checking out your style I begin to hope youll stay Stay awhile so we can play Lost in a dream Thats becaming a nightmare Day by day Its my love ...

X Perience

  • A neverending Dream

    I am waiting for the night
    Drifting away
    On the waves of my dreams
    To another day
    I am standing on the hill
    And beyond the clouds
    The wind is blowing still
    And catching my doubts

    A neverendi...


  • A Little Famous

    Release the pressure from my shoulders And give me what I want so bad Im not waiting till Im older I want all Ive never had Im blond and even dummer then youre thinking, And you should know Chorus: That I wish I could b...

H.S.E. f H.A.W.K, Mista Madd

  • Remember When

    (*talking*) Say L, hold these keys man What kind of wheels is those brah (man them boys got 20`s dog, Lorenzos) Man, I ain`t never seen shining like that Say H.A.W.K, what y`all use to do fool When you was growing up [H.A.W.K] I use to sit and watch t...

Yung Wun and Trick Daddy

  • Stomp

    [Trick] One [Yung Wun] Y`all done fucked up now! OH SHIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It`s mine now! Who want it, HA? D-S, Ryde or Die nigga, you heard that? It`s Yung Wun with the big gun, what you gon` do boy? You betta sit down nigga don...

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