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  • Кошка

    . Она сама по себе, она со всеми и ни скем,
    Она нужна всем, но не нужна никому.
    В ее зеленых глазах легко можно прочесть,
    Что она принадлежать никогда не сможет одному,
    Она всегда молчит, быть может, просто нет слов, ...

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince

  • Boom! Shake the Room

    yo back up now and give a brother room the fuse is lit and I`m about to go boom mercy mercy mercy me my life is a cage but on stage I`m free hyped up syched up ready for wil`in` standing in a crowd of girls like an island I see the one I wanna sic come...

Kevie Kev (Waterbed Kev)

  • All Night Long (Waterbed)

    * organized by Rhino comp. for convenience regardless of original I come from Freaktown baby I come from Freaktown, hit it! Kev touch his self, to prove that he`s a freak I can`t hold it back, the paint flowin over Can`t hold it back I am the future T...

B. Jon

  • Bonafide

    Everybody`s in the major leagues Ain`t nobody wanna be straight up I see the hotties on the way to work They be waiting outside the club See Samantha got a glass of wine And in the corner she be laggin` behind To ladies room to po...

Владимир Тиунов

  • Автобус

    Владимир Тиунов

    Серый город за окнами в крапину Am Dm

    От дождей, непрерывных и муторных, G7 С

    И автобус, качаясь, как раненый, F ...

Next Best Thing

  • 40s In The Park

    Where does the time go when the days go by so fast
    I`m losing sunny hours and I`m losing them fast
    You`ve got to keep what you got
    and don`t fight for the top
    cuz once you get there
    you know what you`ve lost

B.a. Robertson

  • To Be Or Not To Be

    Now I`m a little shy I like to stay homeo Shakespear`s my guy Julie and Romeo Now I have found a girl so dear She cares not if Will he war queer Who cares not if Hammy made it with his Ma? To be or not to be my lover To me ther...

Nevea Tears

  • Helium Queen

    The pearls will drop
    At the end of the line
    Every morning
    Just a little bit closer (And with a loose touch)
    I`m here (To watch you)
    (Let`s share the stare and turn off the radio)

    Downtown skies (Play on...

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