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Da Youngstas

  • Reality

    Whispering: Reality, reality, it`s reality Reality, reality, reality, its reality (3X) Well I get up in the morning shower up and take a drive I`m feeling kinda good cause its good to be alive The radio is playing (Its so hard to say goodbye) I...

MC EZ and Troup

  • Ego Trip * The Big Playback

    ..* Ego Trip`s Book of Rap Lists; p. 30 *.. {EDITOR`S NOTE: MC EZ is better known as Craig Mack} Once again, on the B-side, is the most delightful sounds of Diamond J EZ -- yo, so funky, so so funky Yo so smart..

Notorious B.I.G. f Puff Daddy, Too $hort

  • Life After Death

    Make it hot - Notorious B.I.G. (repeat 4X) The world is filled, with pimps and hoes We`ll just talk about those I knows The world is mine, can`t you see I`m just trying to be all I can be Ohhahhoahh, yeah Verse One: Puff Daddy Now first co...


  • (Oh I`m So) Alone

    When you said you were going away my heart broke in two I didn`t know what to say So I tried to write a little letter but it didn`t make me feel better What could I say What could I do I didn`t know how to say goodbye to you Oh I...

Method Man

  • (Music From and Inspired by the Motion P

    Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash Intro: Dead crosswords, puzzling your delf (Get yourrrrrrrr headpiece strapped on tight) See, that`s what I`m talkin bout When you take the Johnny Blaze (you`re dealing with Johnny Blaze) (the Johnny Blaze) and you...

Noreaga f Chico DeBarge

  • N.O.R.E.

    [Noreaga] *DeBarge sings in background* Y`know what I mean? This for the woman, y`know what`m sayin? Coming up, just trying to get a nut. Y`all really understand what we doing. Ya know? Y`all understand that we hurting y`all, y`all come attatched.


  • 7th Son

    ( Hes coming) This is Liberty This is Prodigy That was Etenity And this is Torn and Born You feel youre coming Home You feel youre coming home This is Liberty because I say And this is Prodigy in some strange way That w...


  • 45 & Fat

    I`ll sing about love
    `Till I`m 45 & fat
    I`ll take almost anything
    But I won`t take that
    You can tie me up in knots
    But I`ll keep on coming
    You can take away my voice
    But I`ll keep on humming

Cypress Hill f Fat Joe

  • Tequila Sunrise (Remix Radio Edit)

    Intro (scratching samples) Verse One: B-Real Sipping on tequila, with Sheila, no doubt I`m bringing her on Keeping her warm, leaving her heated like Tiger Balm In the hot sun city of Mexico, it`s a pity My committee of *edited* with me to get gritty...

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