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Mystik Journeymen f Living Legends

  • Rage

    (Grouch): Every man`s blood boils When turmoil or life foils his plans I`ve soiled my hands puttin` work in Tryna keep from hurtin`, cuz fools be irkin` the fuck outta me Now what do I gotta be, the epitome of nice? Biterally precise when I talk And a...

Shabazz the Disciple f Freestyle, Poetic

  • Ghetto Apostles

    [Chorus] Yo! we win the war cause we bomb first It`s like when napalm bursts, snipers with the Vietnam verse Ghetto apostles doing god`s work, boots and camouflage shirts Marching through your trenches and your concerts We win the war cause we bomb fir...


  • 4 Page Letter


    *Yo Turn My Music Up.
    Up Some More
    Up Some More
    Up A Little Bit More.*

    Mama Always Told Me To Be Carefull Who I Love
    And Daddy Always Told Me, Make Sure Hes Right
    I Always Ha...

Cam`Ron and Busta Rhymes

  • Violator

    [Cam`ron] You the type to say I rap, I rhyme, look I freestyle Rap is played out ain`t shit here for free child Me and Chris Lighty checks is what we see child Ice won`t get you sea sick bitch, it get you c now Diplomat treat you like a beer bottle twi...

Mariah Carey

  • After Tonight

    I look at you looking at me Feels like a feeling meant to be And as your body moves with mine It`s like I`m lifted out of time And time again Patientiy I`ve waited For this moment to arrive After tonight Will you remember How sw...

Silkk The Shocker f Master P

  • Ghetto 211

    [Master P] We ain`t got no money so me an Silkk gon` hit a crack house for some dope, haha Muthafuckin police ain`t give a fuck, niggas robbin niggas in the ghetto...

Common, Kool G. Rap, Mos Def, Pharoahe M

  • Hip Hop For Respect

    Typed by: [Talib Kweli] Yo you sent out the signal right? And this is what happened The voice of Hip Hop got heard Never comprimised this is how we put it down c`mon [Kool G Rap] Throughout my thuglife I`ve seen the ??? Like ??? ...

Mia X f Mo B. Dick

  • I Don`t Know Why

    [Mia X & Mo B. Dick] Ooh, ooh, ooh, hey yeah, ahh no So much yeah, ooh [Mia X singing] There`s so much trouble in my life Sometimes it gets so bad I just breakdown and cry I got my rent to pay and it`s overdue Don`t wanna sale my body just to make it ...


  • a acayipsin

    Cm Bb Baюkasэ olma kendin ol Cm Bцyle зok daha gьzelsin Bb Ya gel bana sahici sahici Cm Ya da anca gidersin Bb Cm Anasэnэn kuzusu ciрerimin kцюesi ...

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