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Max Greger

  • Brasiliera

    Vers I. Wenn am Copacabana die Sonne sinkt fängt das Leben dort eben erst an.

Max Him

  • Lady Fantasy

    Lady Fantasy - Lady Fantasy - Lady Fantasy - Lady Fantasy - Lady Fantasy. Lady Fantasy - Time for me to patcli up the harm that you`ve done. Don`t belong to me so there`s no use in trying to be number one.

Max Martin-Andreas Carlsson-Kevin Richar

  • It`s True

    Even a lover makes a mistake sometimes Like any other Fall out and lose his mind And I`m sorry for the things I did For your teardrops over words I said Can you forgive me and open your heart once again, oh yeah {Chorus} It`s tru...

Max Q

  • Buckethead

    Sometimes you feel like hell And your whole world is hell as well Sometimes you feel just like All you can do is sleep There`s an eyeball on your shoulder And Lord it`s been there such a long time And you can`t escape this feeling...

B.B. King

  • (You`ve Become) A Habit To Me

    Ain`t no need to worry about it Won`t do you one bit of good If you don`t treat your baby Treat your baby like you should There`s been a change in the weather And it`s so plain to see So plain to see Everybody`s welcome to try Try...

The Network

  • Hammer Of The Gods

    See your face from afar Projecting you into a star Skin so pale and eyes so black Are you ever coming back? Do you feel? ? inside your heart Turning night into art ? I give to you Projecting you into a god Do you feel?...

Max Raabe Und Das Palast Orchester

  • Rinderwahn

    Max Raabe Rinderwahn, wer weiss den wo die Rinder wa`n bevor sie unseren Mndern nah`n als Kotlett Sie sollten mal die Inder seh`n die lassen ihre Rinder steh`n Als Heiligkeit flanieren die, das ist nett Der Mensch isst gerne Tiere...

Max Romeo

  • Blood of the Prophet

    Rachel mourns for her children They have killed the prophet And burned down the altar Whooah, what a slaughter! The blood of the prophet Is on the shore of Babylon Whoah, what a woeful situation! But I and I and I and I and I and...


  • Flogging the Cargo

    Burying swords into emaciated ribs Tired naked souls Could no longer walk Exotic filthy mongrel dogs Fettered to failure By a flawed genome With laziness indelible and inherent The pitch brutes lived At the end of the whip Buryi...

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