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Big Daddy Kane f Big Scoob

  • Daddy`s Home

    {Big Scoob:} Hey yo, drop it like it`s hot, Kane, drop it like it`s hot Yo, pick up the microphone and gimme what you got {Big Daddy Kane:} Hey yo, drop it like it`s hot, Scoob, drop it like it`s hot Pick up your microph...

Califa Thugs

  • Back 2 Bust Again

    [Silencer] to all you mothafuckers who don`t understand the type of things that we go doing and we go so mad Califa Thugs up in this die to die fu don`t even try to step cause I mean you won`t survive now we got you stupid mothatfuckers on the run don`...

Dave Matthews Band

  • #34

    Oh my head lay back on the seating
    Been so tired throw away my surrounding
    Like the sun and moon take for granted
    Soon we move through the flood and we fade away
    Lie about it
    Cry about it
    We`ll be ok

Massive Attack

  • (Exchange)

    [Horace Andy]

    Yeah yeah yeah ah
    You see a man`s face
    But you don`t see his heart
    You see a man`s face
    But you will never know his thoughts

    Everywhere you go
    There`s a man to say love


  • 2nd Childhood

    [Nas] Yeah, hahaha

    "Cause when I flow the for the street.." - "..


  • Day to Day Basis

    [Intro: interviewer (Skinnyman)] So Skinnyman, now that you`ve signed a deal with talkin loud and your currently recording your album, how`s this altered your lifestyle...? (Let me play this one, tell you exactly how it is in ? cause in my life, ain`t...

Talib Kweli f Hi-Tek

  • Back Up Offa Me

    (Kweli) Whoa, yeah, yeah When you doing you, and you real fly with it It`s like niggaz always wanna check you, know what I`m saying? Always wanna make sure you keeping it real, keeping it real Nigga, nigga do you (Hook) (Hi-Tek) Back up offa me, back ...

Black Azz Chill

  • Don`t Ever

    Now you can bet that I will never trust no broad no more Cos when you think that they`re simpin, ain`t them rose devils Now I`ma tell you bout this story bout this broad named Nayhi and how it all changed me and put that hog in me And I admit she had m...

C-B0 f Spice 1

  • Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini

    Verse 1-(C-BO) We got the warehouse packed from Lamborginis to Lacs, more ruby an flame pack, than metro rap, got keys on knees wit g`s out of state, flippin more yay than IHOP flip pancakes, I`m a boss balla now, shot calla now rose`s Bentley`s nigga...

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