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D-12 f 50 Cent

  • 8 Mile soundtrack

    [Bizarre] The rap game, hip hop 101 The hardest nine to five you`ll ever have You can`t learn this shit in no history book You ready to rap motherfucker? You ready to sell your soul? hahaha The rap game will fuck you up [Swifty McVay] I`ma disrupted n...

Jeff Cohen And The Wcfm Croon Boys

  • Be Al

    Hey, hey, I`m a pasty gray My name is Al, I`m really grand. I`ll be your pal With X`s on my hands. You like my rap? I wear a cap.


  • Back to the Hotel

    V-Town, brother check it out, I`m bout to throw it down Dick in hand, you shoulda had your toke down A little city, chillin in the North Bay Needless to say, my boyz don`t play fool Yorker sidin` you know how the song goes In the back, sippin purple ch...


  • Like The Rain

    In my dreams, we`re together In my dreams, what we have will last forever As I lay here, all alone I only think of you Never met anyone quite like you Who can make me feel, the way you do But like the rain I keep fallin...

Swollen Members

  • Act on It

    [prevail] Before I fade to black in the shaded shack, In a box with handles and my family in back, I will have achieved my life in leaves, of paper, that kept me safer than hangin with theives.

Cuban Link f Fat Joe

  • Bait soundtrack

    Liberta, liberta (*repeats into chorus*) (Why me?) Why my life had to be so rough (Why me?) Why the fuck I had such bad luck (Why me?) Why the judge wanna lock me up Throw away the key and watch me rust [Cuban Link] Yo crack lets get a nine My mind`s...

Das EFX f Redman

  • Generation EFX

    Yo, yo, yo Yeah, yeah Chorus: (x2) It`s the rap scholar, here to make a dollar Try an` follow, guaranteed to make ya holler Check it out.......

Jeff Foxworthy

  • Totally Committed

    Hi I`m Jeff Foxworthy and i have got a wonderful woman that i am totally committed to Always figured if something was worth doing it was worth doing right You ever see those dead possum lying in the road they were partially commi...

N`Sync f Left Eye

  • No Strings Attached

    [JC talking] Riprock, AG Come in over Yo, turn me up I wanna be heard See, I`m talking bout the future y`all And the future looks bright `specially when we rip in half [JC] Here it comes, millennium And everybody`s talkin` bout Jerusalem Is this the ...

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