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Elton John and Leonard Cohen

  • Born To Lose

    Born to lose I`ve lived my life in vain Every dream has only brought me pain All my life I`ve always been so blue Born to lose And now I`m losing you Born to lose Oh it seems so hard to bear When I wake and find that you`re not t...

Masta Ace f Apocalypse

  • Da Grind

    Yeah Send this one out to everybody, trying to make end ends meet Yeah I`m on the grind Still got my money on my mind And I, feel like I`m walking on the line When it, seems like I`m running out of time That`s when I`m going on the grind [Masta Ace] ...

S.L.A.B. f Trae, Dougie D, Jay`Ton, Lil

  • Remix

    (*talking*) Now usually I don`t do this, but uh I think we need to go on and break em off With the S.L.A.B.

Dr. Dre f Nowl

  • Nationowl

    (All right, is everybody ready *YEAH!*) (Alright now, here we go) Nationowl divides this bomb to blow Adios serials worldwide Once inside ya ride, usin the mic like a screwdriver to break down the speed While labels were sound asleep, Nowl peeped and ...

Elton John

  • (gotta Get) A Meal Ticket

    I can hound you if I need to Sip your brandy from a crystal shoe In the corner, in the corner While the others climb reaching dizzy heights The world`s in front of me in black and white I`m on the bottom line, I`m on the bott...

Method Man f Streetlife

  • Grid Iron Rap

    [Streetlife] I Silver Surf the city circuits, forever lurkin on the street surface, I spit blood for blood verses Grands man divided, we still stand, conquer land One man`ll body slam Def Jam Focus your headcam zoom in, with radio tune in I know you`re...

Missy `Misdemeanor` Elliott f MC Solaar,

  • All N My Grill (European Version)

    [Missy - Verse One] Don`t explain, you never change Same old thing, same old game Say ya want, to be wit` me But show me my ring Baby, let me think I been, in the cold The story untold, about to unfold How do you expect me To ever believe, you won`t be...

Shades of Culture f Kandu

  • Payin` Rent II

    [D-Shade: talking] Enter the station, the lyrical devestation Wack MC annihilation and termination Hey hey, watch this now [Rapping] Standing strong like foundation, making moves in combination And yo the one who sets ???????? like sedation It`s the dr...


  • Trip Ii The Moon

    Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Take me higher Now hear this! I can`t believe in feeling I can`t believe in feeling I can`t I can`t I can`t believe in feelin...

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