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Nate Dogg f Snoop Dogg

  • G-Funk Classics

    Chorus(Nate): Never Leave me alone (never leave me alone) Leave me alone (never leave me alone) never leave me alone (Never leave me aloooone) leave me alone (Never leave me alone) Never leave Me alone Verse 1 (Nate Dogg): They tell me that temptati...

Suga Free

  • Born Again

    [Verse 1] Okay which way you wanna go nigga Left, right, up, down, come on man Just find it on yourself, man come on now Pimp`s probably a bit too much Pimps went dead with this year`s shit here Man pimp pimp pimp pimp, you got chewed up Lisa had a pro...

Celly Cel f Kevin Gardner

  • Killa Kali

    What U Niggaz Thought Gots some Bill like bitches on the under Tryin to keep it on the slunder cuz I made you wonder If I was down cuz I rap, now what that mean? I`m bouts to raise up out the hood & leave my 17 Shot glock on the block like I want ...

Kristian Montgomery Band

  • Idiot`s Pace

    to see if i would survive. I could fall down every now and then, but it`s different this time. You see here this is no rent to pay, to much shit thats on my mind. Every time that i think about you now, water rises to my eyes.

Level 42

  • A Floating Life

    In your hands theres a photograph You look up, she begins to laugh So cold as she walks away And you know that its time to pay Youre caught in a web you spun yourself Face to face with your failure this very day You call out...

Casual f Tajai, Snupe

  • Be Thousand

    This is how we rollin swollen on a Saturday I had a way to chill hard 3 ill broads wanted to hook up so I looked up, Tajai and Snupe call `em up aye, yo what`s up? we need to troop to these hoe`s house.

Da Beatminerz f Apani B Fly, Jean Grae

  • Shut Da Fuck Up

    You need to sh-shut the fuck up.. {*scratching in background Shut da fuck up*} Wha wha - Yea, yea What, what - Beatminerz baby Jean Grae, A.B.


  • Flip it Over

    [Verse 1] Now you been backin it up for a minute baby And it ain`t nothin wrong with that when you reverse and put a cap And it`s damn sure fact girl, I know it`s what it went Turn around let me see that front, now that`s a rabbit in a hat I`m gone, aw...

Silkk the Shocker f Fiend, Master P

  • If I Don`t Gotta

    [Silkk & Master P talking] Yo, P was happening dog Ah man, it`s still a dross you know, but the game then change these youngstas than made it bad, you know we all about our paper but some of these fools just make and take murder.

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