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Garland Jeffereys

  • Matador

    Take me to the Matador He will know just what it`s for He will help me with my life He will open ev`ry door When the bull is in the ring I need all the help you can And the Mariachis sing With the lonely mandolin See those people...

Garland Judy

  • I`m Nobody`s Baby

    I`m nobody`s baby I wonder why Each night and day I pray the Lord up above Please send me down somebody to love But nobody wants me I`m blue somehow Won`t someone hear my plea and take a chance with me Because I`m nobody`s baby no...

Elysian Fields (Metal)

  • Elysian Fields

    And the angels shall spread their wings to fly away And by the sunset He shall grovel Grovel before the black kind of Yours And quake when the infernal splendour shall breathe out by the moonbeam Bow before th` eternal helot From ...


  • Виртуальность

    Мне казалось забавным раствориться в загадке Потеряться в тумане электрической сказки Разорвались все файлы, память вышла из строя Я застряла в программе, вышла из-под контроля Виртуальность Виртуальная реальность Виртуальность Виртуальная реальность ...


  • Alone

    You, you go in now, You brake my on I`m ready some, And only you Can be my chance, forever And, think together La,la,la,la You, you go in now, You brake my on I`m glad is some And only you Can be my chance, forever And, think together La,la,la,la

Gary Brooker

  • (No More) Fear of Flying

    (Gary Brooker / Keith Reid)

    There was no more fear of flying
    Once the final word were spoke
    There was no more tears of crying
    It had all become a joke
    Though they took a vow of silence
    Still the r...

Louis Armstrong

  • (Oh)Didn`t He Ramble

    Didn`t he ramble.... he rambled Rambled all around.... in and out of town Didn`t he ramble....didn`t he ramble He rambled till the butcher cut him down His feet was in the market place..his head was in the street Lady pass him...

Basement Jaxx

  • All I Know

    I don`t care what they say I don`t care about the style youre choosin` We can do it our way All I know is my heart screams softly for you You you...

River City High

  • Can`t Change the World

    Tell me why I try. Show me who I`ve moved. I`m penning thoughts that speak to empty rooms. It`s easy to forget. The things I feel which are important. Are only in my little world. And the things I say. Even if I open a vein.

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