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Smith Craig

  • Ancient Of Days

    Craig Smith Chosen to serve as the sacrifice lamb The binder of all the earths wounds Called the Deliverer, Chief Cornerstone Slain and then buried, but He rose from the tomb Chorus He is the Ancient of days Giver of freedom with ...

Mcneal Lutricia

  • Always

    (McNeal/Jay G/Papalexis/Larossi/Benn/Yacoub) Always here for you I`ll be there for you I know we`ll make it through What you heard about me is true But that doesn`t mean I won`t be true to you My love for you will last, my friend ...

Hot Boys f Lac

  • Let `Em Burn

    [Lil` Wayne] huh, H.B. nigga, listen - From up under the bottom of the streets of Hollygrove It`s Young Carter - fuck wit` me and I fix mo` wigs than a beauty parlor And due ta all the controvery that circles my clique I`m liable ta click out at any ti...

Ill Bill f Goretex

  • Peep the Zoobaz `94

    (Ill Bill) I be getting voodoo round like Greek sex I`m searching for six chicks with sloppy tits hanging off their chests Fuck kicking flavour in your ear, I`d rather kick you in your fucking cunt, then rip off your brassiere I`m here, Mr.

Billy Bragg

  • A Lover Sings

    You and I are victims of a love That lost a lot in the translation When I think of all the time that I spent Sitting on the edge of your bed in anticipation Of you giving in and us living in sin A hot day, the smell of hair...

The Promise Ring

  • Between Pacific Coasts

    Down the lane, I breathe out loud in half frozen air. And the black amnesias in heaven are lighting a half moon on the stairs. And I bite my lip when I breathe out loud. Wrapped in Japanese paper all the way around.

Mcphatter Clyde

  • Lover Please

    - peak Billboard position # 7 in 1962 - Words and Music by Bill Swan CHORUS Lover please, please come back Don`t take a train comin` down the track Don`t, please don`t, don`t leave me Don`t leave me in misery You would never hold ...

Clement C. Moore

  • A Visit From St.nicholas

    Down the chimney St.Nicholas came with a bound.He was dressed all in furs from his head to his foot,and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,And he looked like a pedlar just ...

Mcpherson Jonathan

  • Stars In The Morning Sky

    i can reach and touch the midnight i can feel the stars up in the sky and i can see the break of morning reaching out to take the night from me...

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