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South Park Mexican (SPM) f Ayana

  • High Everyday

    Uh, I puts it down Uh, 1, 2, 3 [Verse 1: SPM] Mirror, mirror on the wall Am I the purest of them all? Am I the one to ease the pain? Make them fall to they knees and pray Mama said son you`ve got to go You turned my house into Stop-N-Go Out the door, ...

Big L

  • 8 Iz Enuff

    Yo My crew is in the house Terra, herb mcgruff, buddah bless Big twan, killa kam, trooper j, and mike boogie And ima set it like this [ verse 1: big l ] Aiyo, folks who quote what I wrote get choked You better surrender b...

Deuce Komradz

  • 100 Elbows

    [Chorus] Nigga, we be ridin`, down 65 Hit 85 just left the west side Out my window, be my left elbow Hand on my wheel, sittin` down low I`m headin` through Atlanta on my way to Chicago I gotta meet this nigga with that good hydro Headed down South with...

South Park Mexican f Marilyn Rylander

  • High So High

    First Verse: [SPM] I`ma roll 84`s til` them hoes start clackin Put `em on they back and got `em askin` What happened? Homie was crackin`, it`s good to be back See me on the slab with a beautiful `llac If you wanna jack, I got somethin for you Caught a...

Backstreet Boys, The

  • 10,000 Promises

    Once we were lovers Just lovers we were oh what a lie Once we were dreamers Just dreamers we were oh you and I Now I see you`re just somebody Who wastes all my time and money What a lie You and I What about your Your 10,000 promises? That you gave to ...

Def Squad f Too Short

  • El Nino

    [ Keith Murray ] Ride wit me, yeah yeah Ride wit me (Def Squad) Roll down your windows and ride wit me (uptown) [ Def Squad and Too Short ] Ride wit us Bitch ride wit us Ride wit us Roll up your windows and ride wit us [ Too Short ] Lets smoke th...


  • Choose To Wonder

    She speaks, and I choose to wonder what would happen if I went ahead and took a chance After all, no one ever has to know And it stays that way What’s with all these doubts? Why are my feelings so hard to understand? Why can’t I just make up my mind, ...

C-Bo f Yukmouth

  • Enemy of the State

    * send corrections to the typist [Yukmouth] THUGG LORD !!!!!!! Salute! Whut bitch, aiight, AIIGHT! We got a bitch ass nigga in our presence A fucking imposter Get yo ass up nigga Whats up nigga You ain`t no mothafuckin made man Money don`t make you no...

Michael Jackson and amp; Greg Phillingan

  • Behind The Mask

    All along I hadto talk About it Like a two edged sword, He touched you and it stabs (me) Chorus: All along I knew you were A phony girl You sit behind the mask And you control your world Yesterday he held you in his arms But when I`m holdin` you Feel...

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