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Half-A-Mil f Kool G. Rap, Noreaga, Musol

  • Milion

    [Noreaga]-Intro ??? swing about it Nigga bounce quick, nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, huh Yo, I said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas Fuck them bitches, f...

Obie Trice

  • 8 Mile Soundtrack

    * send corrections to the typist Get the fuck up Ayo, when I step up in the club everybody hit the fuckin` floor Lucky motherfuckers make it to the door Cuz when I spit on mic`s I spit raw Which cause confusion from the bar to the dance floor I keep t...

Kaci Brown

  • The Waltz

    Come and dance with me girl
    Let`s do the Waltz...

    The touch
    The rush (yeah)

    The touch
    The rush


  • Computer

    weakness breeds disaster meekness breaths it all check yourself at always and you may never fall disfunction by design there`s something wrong with mine youd look and never see the truth that lies inside of me the lies i simply c...

Billie Holiday


    Victor P. Young / Bing Crosby / Ned Washington I need your love so badly I love you oh so madly But I don`t stand a ghost of a chance with you I thought at last I found you But other loves surround you And I don`t stand a ghost ...

Claudia and Peggy And The Les Humphries

  • Fernando

    Es war uns`re Nacht, Fernando, als die Stadt sich kostümierte wie zum letzten großen Fest. Es war uns`re Nacht, Fernando, als die Lieder ihre Sprache wiederfanden wie zuvor.

Claudia and Peggy

  • El Gitan

    Auf der Unschuld weier Kleider glomm wie Blut die rote Rose die er gab mit heiem Herzen; doch er nannte keinen Namen denn er liebte seine Freiheit - El Gitan Lailola lolailolailo lailola lolailola lailola lolailolailo lailola...

Claudia Church

  • Home in My Heart

    (rodney crowell/claudia church) I remember waking up Running down a dirt road Morning dew a shinin, watermelon by the wagon load Little baby brother and my sisters in the shade Listening to the crickets and the music that t...

OG Spanish Fly

  • Chicano Love

    Sit back, relax and take a sip of Hennessy Chicana Love is bumping loud so hynas picture me A little youngster, in and out of jail but now on bail I need a firme hyna to keep me good and doing well Tell Sancho y La Sancha girl I want ya I ain`t stoppin...

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