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Ибрагим Имамалиев


  • A lost forgotten sad spirit

    The Fire in the Sky is Extinguished
    Blue Waters no Longer Cry
    The Dancing of Trees Has Stopped
    The Stream of Freshness from Cold Winds
    Exists no Longer
    The Rain Has Stopped to Drip
    From the Sky
    Still Dri...

Charly Garcia

  • Alguien En El Mundo Piensa En Mi

    (Y talvez tu auto choco la otra manana,
    y recien extranaras a tu pequeno perro
    el dia de su cumpleanos...
    ...yo tengo un gato)

    Yo se que no soy culpable,
    yo se que ahora soy feliz,
    yo se que queria que ...

Real Big Fish

  • You Don`t Know

    well first of all i`d like to say fuck off
    if you don`t get it why dont` you
    go shove your head back up your ass
    and don`t waste my time
    i dont need your opinion
    cuz you don`t know what its like to be like me


  • A Brief History

    Wooly Mammoth`s my favorite mammal And he`s got more sperm than a sperm whale The Bible says that God made the stars But Darwin makes more sense to fish On Mars Falling in deep into a deep black hole Falling in deep into a deep b...

Zetta Bytes

  • Nothings Wrong With Me

    You may find me just a little strange I like dancing barefoot in the pouring rain My mind is racing at the speed of light I`ll dance around you like a satellite.. (chorus) I`m reckless, your speechless...


  • I Will Remember You Still

    O my love I stand on a distant shore The turning tide Breathes all the mystery of you... O my dreams Are lost with the autumn leaves That turn to gold That fall in the memory of you...

Jimmy Soul

  • Happy For The Rest Of Your Life

    Hey hey hey hey hey If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life Never make a pretty women your wife Go for my personal point of view Get an ugly girl to marry you If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life Never ma...

Scarface f Devin and K.B.

  • My Homies

    (Devin and K.B. talking) [Devin] I know I shouldn`t do this But I can`t help it I`m a fiend Lotion and magazines is what I`m left wit I step witout my pride To the toilet And laced my palm wit honey and almond But suddenly the phone rings And it`s K....

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