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Николай Басков

  • Amore cosi grande

    Sento sul viso Il tuo respiro, Cara come sei tu Dolce sempre di piu`, Per quello che mi dai Io ti ringrazierei Ma poi non so parlare E piu` vicino Il tuo profumo, Stringiti forte a me Non chiederti perche`, La sera scende gia` La notte impa...


  • All Will Wait

    We wait for love to come
    We`ll all go down,
    We`ll take our turns.
    We walk across
    A new born world.

    All will wait for us.
    All will wait for us.

    I`ll sail along your shore
    I broke you t...


  • Boomerang

    Wie ein Boom, boom, boom, boom, Boomerang
    Komm ich immer wieder bei dir an.
    Wie ein Boom, boom, boom, boom, Boomerang
    Komm ich immer näher an dich ran.

    Ich flieg so schnell ich kann
    In deine Umlaufbahn

Die Iri Kobli Band

  • Glitzer, glimmer, funkel

    Glitzer, glitzer, glimmeres leuchtet hell im Zimmer
    Das liegt an meinem Diamanten, den Steinesucher früher fanden
    Die Leute wo sind neidisch, die hau ich mit dem Kopf auf`n Tisch.
    Paar Mille laß ich springen, drum tu...

Foo Fighters

  • A 320

    There`s a place I love to go Strangers take me there Dreamed about the day I learned to fly I`m afraid of airplanes Even though I like the way it feels to be a person in the sky It`s alright And it`s good This time I look down ...


  • One Sign

    One sign
    At the back of beyond for your eyes
    I`ll give you my heart and my mind
    But I don`t wanna waste our time

    One sign
    If you want I can work all the time
    Cause I know we could ...

K-ci & Jojo

  • What I Am Gonna Do

    What am I gonna
    What am I gonna
    What am I gonna
    What am I gonna do

    [Repeat above 2 times]

    What am I gonna
    What am I gonna do
    What am I gonna do

    We fell i...

My Dying Bride

  • A black voyage

    Lie beside me on the grass
    They`re fighting me for thee
    mistress of beauty, thine eyes do shine
    Can we run forever? Does nightfall shine?
    Angel of mercy, carry me away
    Those black dogs tear at me
    They hunger f...


  • (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin

    Scrape it, grind it, peel it, hide it The trend is over and gone forever Shelf it, box it, save it, frame it You won`t need that anymore, it`s on sale at the dollar store Waste of time, pantomime, circus doll, at the local mal...

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