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  • Дискобар

    Летний дискобар. Яркие огни горят его
    Музыкальный бал танцевали мы легко
    Тайну наших встреч сохранил ночной прибой
    Летний дискобар нас согрел с тобой

    Танцуют огоньки
    В безоблачной ночи
    Прекрасен летний ...

Николай Трубач

  • Адреналин

    Дождь смывает лето с крыш Мир спешит в дома Завтра ты летишь Я схожу с ума По дороге в этот рай Я не ждал разлук Ну не обнимай Нежных теплых рук Я тебя нашел, мой нежный рай Улетай, но сердце оставляй Адреналин Ты мне даешь слезою в руку Адреналин-ра...


  • empty heads intro

    Here is the intro for d-a-d`s song empty heads, it`s very simple! ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ---------...

Girl Thing

  • Girls On Top

    (Let`s keep the girls on top)
    Ooh, ooh
    Ooh, ooh
    Ooh, ooh
    Ooh, ooh
    We`re steppin` out, we`re puttin` it all about
    And the night is young
    It`s getting light, we been funkin` through the night

Marc Anthony

  • Am I The Only One

    Days have passed
    And still no sign of us
    Not a hint of what used to be
    When you lived in that part of me
    This blinding silence
    Lives in every room

    Of what once was a happy home
    Now we`re sitting h...

Pure Girlz

  • Babydoll

    (Come on)Now tell me/am i your babydoll,babydoll/Or/Just someone
    to call/Can you hang out with me at the mall/Or/Are
    you to embrassed to hang out with me at all/If so,im not your

Method Man f Blue Raspberry

  • Release Yo` Delf

    Intro/Chorus: Blue Raspberry When I first stepped on the scene, niggaz was petrified Jet back to the lab like they were being chased by homicide My rap flow does you like Tical, and it will never steer you wrong And all you bitch-ass niggaz in the ind...

Necro f Ill Bill, Kid Joe, Uncle Howie

  • Y`all Don`t Wanna

    [Uncle Howie/ Kid Joe] Brand new shit from Ill Bill AND Necro exclusive come on it`s good its whack it`s smokin yea but it doesn`t dissapear like that it stays with ya are you dying to try it? [Ill Bill] We causin a massecre the most terrible y`all se...

Salt N Pepa f Styowlz

  • Groove Me

    Got the phat groove on the reel... (Can you groove with me?) Got the phat groove on the reel [CHORUS] Groove me, I need you To groove me, I need you So put it here, baby, open your eyes And let me groove you Got the phat groove on the reel So put it...

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