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Tom Russell

  • Blue Wing

    He had a blue wing tattooed on his shoulder
    Well it might have been a blue bird I don`t know
    But he gets stone drunk and talks about Alaska
    The salmon boats and 45 below

    He said he got that blue wing up in Walla Wa...

Stilles Chaos

Stills Stephen

  • Amazonia (stephen Stills)

    -------------------------- Amazonia Amazonia From the heart of Amazonia Comes the very air we breathe But the people there are poor Can`t see the forest for the trees In the time it takes to sing this song Another acre`s gone Gott...

Tom Snow

  • Hurry Boy

    Hurry boy, you must save yourself You gotta leave this town tonight `cause there`s Something here it`s gonna take You down it`s gonna run your life Don`t turn around when you leave this town You`ve got only one chance Or you`ll ge...

Tom T. Hall

  • (margie`s At) The Lincoln Park Inn

    My name`s in the paper where I took the Boy Scouts to hike My hands`re all dirty from working on my little boy`s bike The preacher came by and I talked for a minute with him My wife`s in the kitchen and Margie`s at the Lincoln Par...

J.J. Sheridan

  • Psyco

    The guy is a Psyco
    And everybody saying that i must be crazy
    He loves me
    He hates me
    it doesnt really matter

    Cauz i know we are who we are
    i know we are whe we are

    But im never...

Shyne and Barrington Levy

  • Bonnie & shyne

    verse 1

    from a gucci in the winter
    i see you wit your girl
    just walkin in your chint chilla fur
    i was laid up in coop bck shade up
    lookin at your face just pure wit no make up
    a little bit of mack li...

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