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Philosopher Kings

  • All To Myself

    I`d start with the boys that hang at the pier like bats in the night, get tangled in your hair I`d take away the weekend shoreleave lovers that flood the ports with drunken tales of far away I`d take away the Eiffel tower I`d take...


  • That`s All You Are

    Yesterday I couldn`t say this Yesterday I would have said yes I`m happy you`ve changed your mind It`s all about me this time Yesterday I wouldn`t let up You got me so messed up You were so special I was walkin` on ...

Los Caballeros del Zodiaco

  • Intro Espaol

    Los guardianes del universo, al triunfar el mal. Sin dudarlo salen a combatir por un mundo ideal! Caballeros del Zodiaco! cuando lanzan su ataque, el koran completa su cancin, la canci n de los heroes! Los guardianes del univer...

Rob Rock

  • Beware of the Devil

    Beware of the Devil The devil looked into my eyes when I was seventeen He said, "I`ll give you all the world if you will follow me." He dealt the cards, I drew the king With this he was not pleased And then he raised the...


  • 7 Days

    Here`s one fromthe head The one that bounced straight through The rubber soul It`s good advice For everyone You end up where you started crawling from CHORUS: I`m always bouncing into the other Again and again you find it`s yet another So I`m always b...

Los Cantantes

  • El Venao

    La gente est diciendo por ahi Que yo soy un venao y que estoy amarrao Ay, mujer! Dime que eso es un cuento por favor Que no soy un venao y que sigo pegao Que cuando fui a Puerto Rico estabas llena de chichones No haga caso, esa ju...

Los Cojones

  • Blind Sheep

    Verse 1: Blind sheep in South America Riding through the green green grass Watching all the forests Girl! My life`s a mess.


  • Baby Doll

    you wanted her to hush-my-baby you wanted her to paint her lips you wanted her for always - maybe smooth as china on your fingertips she - don`t wanna be your Baby Doll she - ooh lay don`t wanna be your Baby Doll she traded in her...

Los De Adentro

  • Cada Lagrima es un Puente

    cada lagrima es un puente..
    cada amor es solo mente,
    cada miedo es solo mente , que no para de viajar..

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