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Meat Beat Manifesto

  • Circles

    It`s like a dream come true Theorise Come Alive Through and through It just goes to show Take a chance If you`re ready Let everything flow Each and every one of us Can talk in circles Yeah each and every one of us Will walk in cir...


  • Digital Dreams

    No one to know how I feel for you. This relationship hidden redevous. If someone finds out then I`ll be gone. But remember our love is just too strong to let go. As easy as it came our heart will fall apart.

Meat Loaf and Roger Daltry

  • Bad Attitude

    They say you never come home, boy you been drivin` too fast When you gonna shape up, how long is this gonna last You may be laughin` today, but listen to some good advice An` take a look at tomorrow in a workin` man`s weary eyes Y...

Meat Loaf and Zee Carling

  • Jumpin` The Gun

    Heaven blesses those who wait, patience is a virtue, son Keep your toe on the line, keep your foot on the brake No sense jumpin` the gun But girl I`m tired of waitin`, you know life`s too short Lemme kiss ya `til the night is done...

Kitty Wells

  • (i Didn`t Have To) Break Up Someone`s Ho

    You say you`re sorry that it happened but you love him so And you just had to have him for your own Everybody needs someone you needed someone too But did you have to break up someone`s home You say you make him happy but it hurts...

World Wide Message Tribe

  • Turn Around

    Irretrievable in this lonely world
    So impossible to find a love that’s pure
    Always thought it was a fairy tale
    That someone loved me more than life itself
    No greater love and so amazing to see
    That you would rather ...

Die Allianz

  • Knockin`

    Ich weiß genau, wie oft auf mich gewartet hast, Aktion um Aktion gestartet hast, dass unsre Liebe endlich stirbt Beginnt neue Formen anzunehmen und jeder gewinnt,Ich weiß auch, wie oft du auf `ne Party kamstUnd mich mi...

Die Alpenflamingos

  • Die Sonn` Im Herzen

    Mama i sing heut für di i muß dir des sagn irgendwie. Du hast mer g`sagt wie mers macht und unter Tränen noch g`lacht.

Die Alpenrammler

  • Lieschen

    Lieschen lieschen lieschen komm ein bischen bischen bischen auf der rasen mir einen blase, CHORUS: so wie früher früher früher ohne gummi überzieherohne hemd und ohne höschen immer wieder zack zack zack ...

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