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  • Act Now

    Ye, that sit and bear
    All, the truths you`ve seen
    Come, are you prepared
    Here, me screaming
    Rage, controls my brain
    Hate, runs through my veins
    Love, has escaped me
    (and) Now I`m still screaming


  • Domesticao

    Si buscas lo material olvidando lo real. Sуlo te mueve el dinero.
    Si no sientes ilusiуn. Te resbala la situaciуn de los que nunca
    tienen nada.

Sarah Brightman

  • A question of honour

    Ebbene? ... N`andro lontana,
    Come va l`eco della pia campana,
    La, fra la neve bianca;
    La, fra le nubi d`or;
    La, dov`e la speranza, la speranza
    Il rimpianto, il rimpianto, e il dolor!

    Ebbene? ...


  • Avery

    She holds hisclothes in the dark rocking them she whispers her hand falls slowly from her neck to her left a streetlight dances gently through a window it hurts to say his name she swears she can hear him calling her, hey Avery there between her cravi...


  • (trash, Trampoline And The) Party Girl

    I know a girl, a girl called Party, party girl I know she wants more than a party, party girl And she won`t tell me her name, oh no, not me I know a boy, a boy called Trash, trash can I know he does all that he can, wham bam And she won`t tell me...

Van Dik Hout

  • De Zon Achterna

    ik vraag en ik klaag niet ik loop maar wat rond tot de wind me vertelt dat ik mee moet gaan de tijd is zo tijdloos zolang ik niet leef zolang ik niet vraag waar ik heen moet gaan een laatste blik over mijn schouder gewoonweg hier ...


  • A piece of your flesh

    ...in his thoughts the murderer blames the ones who pass the laws,
    sentence to death and file the cases away. In his eyes they commit a
    murder, planned and legalized by the government.

Алиса, Константин Кинчев

  • ...по дороге лунной, зыбкой

    По дороге лунной, зыбкой,
    Где деревья кроны сжали,
    Проплывала невидимкой
    Ночь в сиреневой вуали.
    Шевелила своды сосен,
    Расплетала косы ивам,
    Величавые утесы
    Звездной пылью серебрила.
    Лес стоял суро...


  • Burn

    Burn my heartless soul into oblivion
    I would gave the world to be loved
    Truth, innocence give them all to me
    Now I want it all

    I wanted everything
    I wanted it all

    Take me to a place where I shel...

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