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  • Down Ta Erf/Learn to Earn

    [Intro] Yeah, yeah Just chilling on top of the hill with my man Mathematiks Showing brothers how we get down From the nine six beyond This is the last day But we got to wake up, straight up [Mathematik] I helped raise the gods up and change the odds u...


  • Alla Xul

    A haunting feeling comes throughout a darkened room The air turns thick at this ritual of doom Candles start to flicker as the image now appears Alla Xul`s presence, the master of all fears Enlightened by its sight, I now feel hy...

Jill Sobule

  • I Kissed A Girl

    Genny came over & told me about Fred
    He`s such a hairy bohemoth she said
    And dumb as a box of hammers
    But he`s such a handsome guy

    And I opened up & told her about Larry
    And yesterday how he aked me to marry<...

DJ Clue f Flipmode Squad

  • The Professional

    Busta: Uh-uh Fears, real fears The universal Flipmode Squad Known to every existing life form as the Imperial 6 Has formed an alliance with the official Cluemannatti Whatever you want, we do whatever you want (in the background as Busta speaks) Whatev...

Jim Ed Brown

  • Beyond The Shadow

    Beyond the storm must come the rainbow beyond the darkness the light must glow Beyond the shadow the sun will shine and someday your heart will be mine Other arms have tried me before your own and they have convicted me in shame ...

Master P f JT Tha Bigga Figga, San Quinn

  • Playa Haterz

    Yo JT tell her to give me a 7 UP man Hey, hey that bitch tripping man, hey bring us some drinks hoe Man that show was liver than a motherfucker they was loving us Man it was large as shit Verse 1 (JT the Bigga Figga) Check the sickness, forget this g...


  • Adams Song

    I never thought
    I`d die alone
    I laugh the loudest
    Who`d of known
    I traced the cord back to the wall
    No wonder it was never pluged in at all
    I took my time
    I hurried up
    The choice was mine i didn`t...


  • The One That I Love (eurovisions Songcon

    Such a lovely night When the stars are shining bright And youre near, were so alone cause I long for you so much! I never felt this way, not before You turn on my mind, more and more CHORUS I think that Im in love And you mean so...


  • Awake


    Wait another minute
    Can`t you see what this pain has f*cking done to me
    I`m alive and still kicking
    What you see I can`t see and maybe
    You`ll think before you speak

    I`m alive for yo...

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