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Buckshot f Jessica Darby, Swan

  • Take Your Time

    [Swan] I invited you to the club so what, so what Don`t mean you gotta hang all up under me You a big girl don`t act out, word up Cuz you ain`t gonna gain no clout, no doubt I know you wanna be wit me, but I Stay single and remain mingle and Cuz there`...

Buckshot f Blue Flame, Half A Mill, Swan

  • Take it to the Streets

    [Half A Mill] Take it to the streets, snakes with heat in this game You wanna be a player, I spray them gators off ya feet Thuggest Enemy #1, one, one From Brook-lan, tons of guns, funds and duns That`ll make you cough up one in the lung, cough up ya t...

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f Big B

  • BTNHResurrection

    * send corrections to the typist (Big B) Raising hustlas, thieves and prostitutes Young homie, think before you shoot, murderer Where will our children go When there`s no place safe where they can go (Bizzy Bone) And trouble may come and sometimes Yo...

B-Legit f E-40, Kurupt

  • Check it Out

    [Intro] From a nickel and dime ass nigga to a top, top, top - (big rigga) Check it Check it out, check it out, check it out, check it Check it out Check it out, check it out, check it out, check it [B-Legit] It ain`t a cell in this town that can ...

Olivia Newton-John

  • (Livin` In) Desperate Times

    (Tom Snow/Barry Alfonso) Never thought it would be so rough And I wonder if I have enough To keep from breaking down No mercy in this town Every day is just another test Seems I`m always second best But you learn along th...

Kilgore Smudge

  • Blue Collar Zen

    See it lies before me somewhere Free me from my life of woe I remember feeling low I remember swallowing Last sips of beer before I hit the floor You`ll always reap from what you sow Just keep on telling yourself not far to go And...


  • Sugarman

    Sugarman Won`t ya hurry Coz I`m tired of these scenes For a blue coin Won`t ya bring back All those colours to my dreams Silver majik ships, you carry Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane Sugarman Met a false friend On a lonely, dusty ro...

Bone Crusher f Ying Yang Twins

  • Take Ya Clothes Off

    * first single; send corrections to the typist {Intro} OHHHHHHHHHH! Break em off records have entered the building [Bonecrusher] Yeah, Bone Crusher Ying Yang Twins (Yeah) Take Ya Clothes off get bucked necked {*HAHAHA we ain`t never scared - repeat ...


  • Ace In The Hole

    Takin` a chance of a lifetime Dealers draw and crazy eights Queen of hearts is beside me Flippin` me the ace of spades Monte Carlo - both sides I want more Leads around me, creapin` by the score Feels like an ace in the...

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