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Mary Mary

  • Be Happy

    Chorus My heart has found a new beat Ever since you came into my life No I don`t lose no sleep Cause I know He`s walking by my side And if you`re looking for me Safe in His arms is where you`ll find me Cause I`ve gotta be Gotta b...

Spitzer Express

  • Viele Schatten

    Mein Opas wie ein Kind noch war
    war die Erde hell und klar.
    Er lief im Sommer über Wiesen und Wälder
    es war warm und wurd nicht kälter.
    Die Sonne strahlt ihm ins Gesicht,
    Ozonloch gab es früher n...

Virgin Black

  • And The Kiss Of God`s Mouth (Part 1)

    I saw a tattered cloak, drawn about the face
    A gesture of farewell, to the kiss of God`s mouth
    Kiss the image in a stranger`s casket
    What has become of splendour?
    Twelve strokes have fallen
    And the faintly heard bre...


  • Above the Winter Moonlight

    On wings of burning fire across the oceans far The legends of the seven seas and mystic fallen star Their laden ships are sailing on towards the sun To the island of the everlasting chosen one Face our fear along the way our free...

Joan Baez

  • (Ain`t Gonna Let Nobody) Turn Me Around

    Ain`t gonna let noboby turn me around... turn me around... turn me around... Ain`t gonna let noboby turn me around... Keep on a-walkin` Keep on a-talkin` Gonna build a brand new world.


  • Astray

    Cleansing my soul in temples of light reborn with God`s love, delivered form the night given a second chance with a new life in sight and after a day there`s always the night Astray-souls astray Travelling through this life to a...

drain sth

  • crack the liars smile

    Artist: Drain STH Song: Crack The Liar`s Smile Album: Horror Wrestling Tab by: TaLeNaSsLaVe ( Feel free to correct this tab. I think this is the right way to play it. If you have any question or suggestion E-MAIL me.

Sly and Robbie f Queen Latifah

  • Woman for the Job

    [ CHORUS ] KRS, Latifah, don`t forget Mash up any male or female artist on the set Mi comin with mi style, mi take your title and your rep The BDP Posse and Flavor Unit in effect [ VERSE 1 ] It`s Queen Latifah with the R.E.


  • anything anything

    Song: Anything Anything Artist: Dramarama Album: The Best of Dramarama Tabbed by: Will Thompson ( / This song is such a blast, and its really quite simple and fun to play since you use the whole neck(at least in my tab) and you c...

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