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Infamous Mobb

  • Die 4

    [Ty Knitty](G.O.D. Pt.3) Murda muzik All y`all niggas Infamous Watch ya self (*music begins*) Infamous mobb It`s over dunn It`s over(it`s over) Check it out dunn(we got em dunn) All y`all niggaz Sit there Like y`all in a classroom(stick them niggaz) Al...

Vintage Imperial

  • Amazing

    [SL-One] It`s amazing to see how far one would`ve come as people It`s been hard, but Nobody else is gonna do it for us except us [SL-One & Kid Kaos] The fact that we made it this damn far Without too many cuts and scars It took years to make dreams co...

The D.O.C.

  • Beautiful But Deadly

    Ayo Stan, Dre layed the tracks, I`m laying the vocals We need some guitar that ROCKS, know what I`m saying? So um, let`s do this She`s a rich girl, but not the ordinary Extraordinary, a little too much to carry Possessed by a demon on a mission No man...

Nougaro Claude

  • Armstrong

    Paroles : Claude Nougaro Musique : Traditionnel amricain Let my people go Arrangement : Maurice Vander 1991 codition by les ditions du Chiffre Neuf et Emi Music Publishing 1 Armstrong, je ne suis pas noir, Je suis blanc de peau Q...

The Donnas

  • Big Rig

    This party don`t stop `til the game is done And I don`t care if you`re not the one Doncha wanna get on the Matterhorn You`re a Virgo, I`m a Capricorn I wanna play on your big rig, uh-huh So let`s keep on truckin` I wanna play on...


  • True Love

    Now a first love should be someone you can trust. You were my first love but it didn`t last long enough. Still my heart it keeps believin` that miracles happen more than one time you`ll come back and be my love mine.

Shun AzianDug

  • Can`t Stop Us

    Uh, it`s hard catchin` these old rhymes I cant` remember these old rhymes It`s hard catchin` these old rhymes [Kalage] Shit we comin` after the whack rappers Studio gat-clappers slash jackers Them braggin` back-stabbin` non-rappi...


  • Black and Red

    color yourself, color yourself black and red and when you find life slow and simple then you`ve grown against the grain but look at yourself, you`ve got your head held in your hands there`s proof you don`t need to possess on comma...


  • Fugitif

    Bon, messieurs, comme nous en avons t inform ce matin, notre = vieil ami est vivant, et en bonne sant. Oui, c`est exact, et vous ne le trouverez jamais. Il est trop malin.

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