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lennon john

  • A Day in The Life

    I read the news today, oh, boy About a lucky man whos made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph He blew his mind out in a car He didnt notice that the lights have change...

Michael Jones

  • Boogie Man

    Musique а gogo, au Molly holly bar
    Tous les Sam’di soirs il fait chanter sa guitare
    La gloire а ses courtisans, lui c’est pas pareil
    Pourquoi rкver des sunlights quand t’as dйjа l’soleil
    Bien plus qu’un musicien, il as le...

Tommy Wright III f Project Pimp, T-Dawg,

  • Manslaughter

    Hook: Tommy Wright Get that motherfucka, get that motherfucka get him Get that motherfucka, get that motherfucka get him Get that motherfucka, get that motherfucka get him Get that motherfucka, get that motherfucka, get his busta ass get him Dump him ...


  • Listen To Your Heart

    I know there`s something in the wake of your smile
    I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah
    You`ve built a love but that love falls apart
    Your little piece of heaven turns too dark

    Listen to your heart

Antonello Venditti

  • 1000 Figli

    1000 notti, 1000pianti quando pensi che tutto crolli tu non sarai mai solo, ci sarт anche se tu sarai uomo 1000 luci, 1000 inganni 1000 sogni e soldi in contanti non li seguire mai tanto so che tu non lo farai 1000 figli sono come te hanno un cuore blu...

just cause

  • good morning jesus

    A A Good morning, Jesus Another day beckons Esus E Put on my clothes and then take up my cross A Sure I`ve got problems, But I`ve got potential I may be flawed, Esus E But I`m no total loss Bm D A I`m a stranger in a ...

R.A. the Rugged Man f Sadat X

  • 50,000 Heads

    There`s only 50,000 heads that are true to this The rest are clue-less to what real hip hop music is (R.A.

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna

  • Baby You Can Do It

    (feat. Toni Braxton)

    Oh yeah, believe it baby
    Aight Toni, come on Toni

    [Toni Braxton]
    Baby you can do it
    Take your time do it right
    You can do it birdman, do it tonight
    Get you shine baby

Face Down (US)

  • Break

    So long I wish you well Where I am going you cannot follow I can feel them trying to change who I am I can feel I can feel I can feel them trying to break my will I will not come back But I still mourn The death of a life My life ...

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