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mould bob

  • believe what youre saying

    From: Todd Dunbebin Subject: TAB:Believe What You`re Saying Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 08:19:10 GMT Believe What You`re Saying I`d like to thank Ryan Cox ,for the tab he posted but I was noticing a co...

Roger Miller

  • 12th Of Never

    You ask how much I love you must I explain I need you oh my darling like roses need rain You ask how long I`ll love you I`ll tell you true Until the 12th of Never I`ll still be loving you Hold me close never let me go hold me clos...

Franklin Aretha

  • A Deeper Love

    (David Cole, Robert Clivilles) (Pride) a deeper love (Pride) a deeper love (Pride) a deeper love Woah woah woah woah (Pride) a deeper love (Pride) a deeper love (Pride) a deeper love Woah woah woah woah People let me tell you I wo...

Franklin Daniel

  • All Alone On This Dreadful Road

    Only if there was someone to heal the wounds of the past Who truly loved and understood, that love to me is life. Unfortunate my search has now ended in pain and distrust.

Seals and Crofts

  • Big Mac

    (lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals and Dash Crofts, 1974) From the album UNBORN CHILD (1974). Big Mac movin` down the highway sound. Got it wide open and he`s southway bound. I had my pack over my shoulder.

Юрий Нестеренко


  • Magic Toenail

    Kid, stay and snip your cord off, talk and let your mind loose, can`t
    all think like Chekov but you`ll be O.K.


  • Teacup Woozy

    She was feelin` campfire drowsy,
    From watchin` footage of Niagra Falls.

    He was feelin` teacup woozy,
    From the slow spin of this ball.

    She said at this pace,
    We might just get get one shot,
    At the...

Prophet Jones

  • Lifetime

    (verse 1)
    Been in love a time before but it did`nt work out right.
    This love for you I can`t deny.
    I tried to run but I just cant hide.(nah, no)
    Girl I put my trust in you.

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