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Baby Jail

  • Dirt

    There`s a body lying in the street
    It`s lying there almost a week
    There`s a body in the street
    The dead rest of a human being
    Dirt made by others
    Dirt made by others
    There`s a body in the street
    It seems...

Mario Bush

  • We`ll Praise the Lord

    We`ll praise the Lord for he is great. And in his presence angel`s wait. All heaven is swelling with his praise. Shall we not, too, our anthems raise? Chorus Oh we will praise him. Oh we will praise him.

Игорь Мельто

  • С песней по жизни

    Игорь Мельто

    Я работаю мойщиком, улицы мою.

    Когда город ложиться на плечи покоя,

    Вывожу на простор голубую машину,

    Поливаю асфальта усталую спину.


A Nude

  • B With U

    It`s crazy but it`s true
    I only wanna be with you...
    I`d like to thank you for the joy you brought into my life
    I`d like to ask you if you could join me for a while
    and if you do I`ll finally make your wish come true ...


  • 2 hearts

    You said you would wait for me, but something went wrong The house was empty, your pictures gone I knew you`d come back one day, our love was so strong The past behind us, it`s here you belong `Cause I`m deep inside you, you`re d...

Baby Namboos

  • Ancoats 2 Zambia

    Go as a luxury pass on to the middle class Why are poor paying pounds for the broken glass And as we point our fingers we turn our backs We cant accept each other and thats a matter of fact And doctor who do you shoot Youths ...

Mario Jordan

  • Welch Ein Tag

    Durch den Raum voll Rauch und Stimmensah ich zu dir hin. Und dein Blick hielt meinen festund fühlte, wer ich bin. Ich wagte nicht, dich anzusprechen,sah dich lächelnd geh`n.

Mario Jordon

  • Liebe Ist ...

    Ich seh dein Bild das mir sagt welches Ziel ich jetzt hab` ganz klar vor mir.


  • Boom

    Intro Unno know say Baby Cham have wha fi tell unno gallang bad and broke out a nuh skettel unno, pop it out and get wild nuh gal nuh mel unno Question now, Cho A which gal and which gal have up the boom fuck, from a gal ...

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