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S.L.A.B. f Cl`Che, Pimp Skinny, Showtyme

  • In a Slab

    (*talking*) Yeah 2003-2004, we in a slab on you boys Lil B in here representing with the fam Slow Loud And Bangin`, y`all boys get it right We stinging it in your brain, you feel me We swanging and dropping top on you boys Hitting switches and making t...

Dark Lotus

  • Ali Baba

    This is the Lord of the God`s This is the Lord of the universe This is the he who the winds fear This is he right here, right here Having a voice to his commandments, the Lord of all things King, ruler and helper Hear me now, and make all spirits subje...


  • I Like Chopin

    Remember that piano So delightful unusual That classic sensation Sentimental confusion Used to say I like Chopin Love me now and again Chorus : Rainy days never say goodbye To desire when we are together Rainy days growing in yo...

Scarface f Nas, Tanya Herron

  • In Between Us

    [Nas] Circumstances are like my first fight I lost It was swinging, my arms bugging, adrenaline pumping Oh shit, this little nigga`s thugging I mean, I was thirteen, I was nursing a knot on my face But chose another time and a place That I would avenge...


  • Big Women

    Big women, I like the size, big women flabby thighs. Big women, big women, big women .. they fill my eyes. Oooh a a ah ! Here they come, walking down the street, big and bouncy look so neat.

Slim Thug f Jazze Pha

  • Incredible Feelin`

    [Intro - Jazze Pha] So incredible! Ladies and gentlemen! This - is a Jazze Phazelle, Slim Thugga Slim Thug! Collaborinzale! Oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! [Chorus - Jazze Pha] It`s such an incredible feeling In this past year I done made a few million I trie...

Валерий Сюткин

  • 7000 над землей

    Поздний час, половина первого, 7000 над землей, Рев турбин, обрывки сна. За окном облаками белыми Лежит пейзаж ночной, А над ним летит луна. Тайное движенье в небе без конца, Вижу отраженье твоего лица.


  • Метро

    Ему вчера зима была не страшна А я вчера ему была не нужна Его война вчера была завершена Его вчера пришлось оставить одного Ему вчера не надо было ничего Лицом к стене, спиной ко мне Голова в огне, а глаза где-то в синем небе В метро меня не ждёт ник...

Cindy & Bert

  • Hallo

    die hupen und krachen
    geh`n auf die Nerven und machen
    die Welt so laut.
    Doch alles wär`
    nur halb so schwer
    mit mehr Freundlichkeit
    in dieser Zeit:


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