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Nick Camen

  • Each Time You Break My Heart

    Each time you break my heart Each time you break my heart I know how it feels to be the talk of the town I`m not gonna let you go and run around I need to know that you`ll be true to me `cause that`s the way it`s got to be Why ca...


  • Alphabet

    I don`t want to live a life pre-set
    I want to read every letter
    of the alphabet

    I want to try
    I want to fly
    `cause it makes me feel so alive

    And I`ll climb a tree, I`ll chase the storm
    and ...

John Cafferty

  • Nyc Song

    I say, hey little girl take me by the hand Walk with me down this boardwalk one last time again We see those pretty pear lights, hear those carnival sounds We stop right at the top tonight, the first view goes around You say that ...

Black Menace f Insane, Mr. Terror

  • Mo` Drama

    (J-Dawg) Yo Menace Entertainment...nigga what? Black Menace puttin` it down like this to the hoes: Chorus (Threat & some uncredited female): Now what you bout, shoppin` sprees? (Yes in-fuckin`-deed) Benz and Navigator keys? (Yes in-fuckin`-deed) A ba...

John Cale

  • A Dream

    Words and music: lou reed & john cale It was a very cold clear fall night I had a terrible dream Billy name and brigid were playing under my stair case on the second floor about two oclock in the morning I woke up beca...

Rembrandts, The

  • I`ll Be There For You

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way [four claps]
    Your job`s a joke, you`re broke, your love life`s D.O.A.
    It`s like you`re always stuck in second gear
    When it hasn`t been your day, your week, your month, or even your ...

Zotty and Pit

  • StempelBlues

    He Mann so werd` ich auf der Straße angesprochen hast du etwa im Lotto gewonnen` Du siehst ja heute wieder aus als wärst du aus `ner Modenschau gekommen.

Daughter Darling

  • Broken bridge

    All my rooms are filled with musty dust Time has taken all that I possess I never know if to laugh or to scream To hate or to believe How could you walk across that broken bridge All their eyes followed as you so gracefully lived...

Nick Carter featuring Aaron Carter

  • She wants me

    [NICK:] Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... School`s in! [AARON:] Man, shut up [NICK:] Time to teach you a little somethin` bro [AARON:] Haha! Ya right! [NICK:] What? What`s this you say? [AARON:] Just ba...

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