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Estefan Gloria

  • 1-2-3

    (Gloria M.Estefan and Enrique Garcia)
    They tell me you`re shy boy
    But I want you just the same
    Don`t play innocent with me
    You kow it`s not just funa adn games
    When I look into your eyes
    So much passion burns ...

American Lesion

  • Back to Earth

    He wakes with the glow of adventure and hope The morning smells sweet and replete with opportunity He dressed into another day feeling lucky to be alive Though nobody follows him hes sure the futures bright Bring him back Som...

mcnarland holly

  • beautiful blue

    Artist: Holly McNarland Song: Beautiful Blue Tabbed by Amanda Mikelsons Capo on 1st fret I`m not sure what a couple of chords are called, so here`s how I refer to them: Dsus4/F *C -3- -3 -3- -3 -2- ...

Алена Апина

  • Белые ночи

    Как цветочек я В полу у урчья росла одна Ты любил цветы И на склоне дня ты сорвал меня И стала я твоя Или моим стал ты Был цветочек мал Ты его сорвал Не поливал, и он завял, растаял сон И упала вдруг Из усталых рук любовь моя одним Сорванным лепестком...

Hank Snow

  • (i`d Be A) Legend In My Time

    If heartaches brought fame in love`s crazy game I`d be a legend in my time If they gave gold statues for tears and regrets I`d be a legend in my time But they don`t give awards and there`s no praise or fame For a heart that`s been...

Royce Da 5-9

  • Boom


    [Royce Da 5`9]
    Uhh.. boom...
    Tick tick tick.. yeah.. 5`9 uhh

    I`m the verbal-spit Smith Wesson
    I unload with sick spit the quick wick could split a split-second
    Bomb with a li...

Usher f Timbaland

  • You Make Me Wanna (Timbaland`s Remix)

    Intro: Timbaland Uh, hahaha! Can you feel me? Uh! Say what, say what, uh! (Uh! Uh!) Uh, hahaha! Can you feel me? Usher, uh! (Uh! What?) Chorus: Usher You make me wanna leave the one I`m ...


  • Building An Army

    I got to get what’s mine, the thin red line
    I cross it daily

    Time chose a side, but it’s not mine
    It makes me crazy

    Whatever, I don’t know
    I haven’t thought so much about it
    Maybe I lost control<...

American Music Club

  • Animal Pen

    Giving up thats the easy part Turn your pockets out Tear your room apart But you cant find anything To help you on your way Run, try to catch the bus And reach it just as it pulls away For the black hole and the beautif...

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