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Frey Glenn

  • A Walk In The Dark

    It`s long after midnight and the city sleeps We`re driving alone through the park Somehow I just don`t feel like going home Let`s take a walk in the dark Don`t be afraid of what you can`t see Follow the road in your heart Don`t be...


  • Word Up

    Dah pretty ladies around the world got a weird thing to show you So tell all the boys and girls. Tell your brother your sister and your mama too `Cause they`re about to go down and you`ll know just what to do.

Александра Балакирева

  • Я сделаю всё

    Я маленькая девочка в сиреневом платье,
    За серые глаза мои, ни кто не заплатит,
    Ну и что, ну и что?
    Накрашенные стрелки не дают разрыдаться,
    За горькую обиду не дают раскричаться,
    Ну и что, ну и что?


Ирина Столяр, Михаил Столяр

  • Невозможная песенка

    Стихи Ильи Воробьева

    Музыка Ирины и Михаила Столяров

    Жужжавчик с Ничевосиком

    Потюпали за хрюквой.

    Ухтышка прыжковато

    Поклякал подглазнуть.



  • All I Desire

    Sometimes at night I know you`re sad and lonely
    There`s no-one there to call
    You`re one and only
    And all your friends, they seem so far away...

Juliana Theory

  • As It Stands

    Everything I have in mind
    It begins to fade away
    I searched for it and I longed for it
    And now I know it`s gone
    Everything has slipped away
    And I`m so overwhelmed
    Everything that rests upon my shoulders fell

Camilla Brinck

  • Bye Bye Forever

    Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah ah Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah Ah chiki chiki ah You and me together seemes so good but people did not know about the secret We t...


  • Zero Tre Tre Sette

    Zero tre tre sette il resto non ce l`ho sarai molto occupato ma poi ti trover non posso dir di pi per non sentirmi gi di me poi che ne sai? Io do del tu ai miei guai un punto fisso tu su cui non giro pi resto in linea che fame ho ...

B.G. f Big Tymers, Ms. Tee

  • Chopper City

    [Baby] Too many playa hatin niggas in this world [the B.G.] That`s why we ride through this world wit da black girl [Baby] Keep my nina for self protection [the B.G.] Just in case a reppin ass nigga wanna start reppin [Baby] I`m bout money and that...

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