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Григорий Данской

  • Ангелы на шариках

    Григорий Данской

    Ко временному бегу равнодушны,

    не столько беззащитны, сколь смешны,

    слетались ангелы на шариках воздушных

    не потому, что были крыльев лишены.

Николай Алексеев

  • А больная душа не желает со мною мириться...

    Николай Алексеев

    А больная душа не желает со мною мириться.

    Я и не был простым, но так все же - зачем усложнять?

    По наклонной легко без души и с душою катиться.

    У стакана ес...

Sting & The Police

  • Message in a bottle

    Just a castaway an island lost at sea
    Another lonely day no-one here but me
    More loneliness than any man could bear
    Rescue me before I fall into despair

    I`ll send an SOS to the worldI`ll send an SOS t...

Thug Life

  • Bury Me A G

    Thug Life Thinkin` back reminiscing on my teens a young G getten` paid over dope fiends fuckin` off cash that I make nigga, what`s tha sense of workin hard if you never get tp play i`m hustlen` stayin` out till it`s dawn and comm...

Various Artists

Black Ice f Ghostface Killah, X.L.

  • Nights in the Summertime

    [Intro: Professor] Talk about, whether get ice, yo Shorty got here without yo Silver bags, check it, yo, yo, yo [Professor] I love the summer, warm weather, still rockin`, all leather Black bag, black beretta, all night cheddar Shorty`s cluckin` on th...

Boot Camp Clik f Aaliyah

  • Night Riders (Remix)

    [Buckshot] Let the games begin... Buckshot, Da BDI Tek N Steele, The Cocoa Brovaz And Aaliyah Doin it like this [Aaliyah] You can ride with me (x6) [Steele] Experience this, you and I ridin on a natural mist Wit me and my gunz, we still # 1, like thi...

Keep Of Kalessins

  • Agnen

    The light has died away, for me I fell silent to the ground, and died As I started on a journey through the dark. In the great land of darkness, I was born again...

Shyheim f Raekwon, RZA, Madman, Killa Si

  • Young Godz

    Intro: RZA, Raekwon Yo *echoes* Older cats *echoes* Yo *echoes* Whassup Rae? What`s going on Son? Whattup dude? Yeah, I ain`t see y`all cats in a long time Check it, yo Y`all better be on that shit too Older cats max with young godz who got the ...

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